Like many of my sites, this one started with a vague idea several years ago. Then it’s gradually evolved in fits and starts.

Initially, I started with a concept for a network of authorship websites. Inspired by Google’s defunct authorship project centred on its Google+ network. Subsequently, I’ve drifted from one idea to the next. As I’ve thought of ways that authorship might develop.

Today, I realised it’s time to stop trying to game search engine algorithms. Because all that matters is my readers. So I want to share all my content. Also, some insights into how and why I publish the things I write. That way, you get to know me better. Hopefully that will encourage you to share your stories with me.

Wondrous Me 2020

Now, I’m re-evaluating and reorganising Because it’s core purpose is to help authors speak to readers. By giving a channel outside their normal publishing platforms. So it’s aimed at authors with more than a single-site blog. Although you can just have a free single-site blog here if you want one.

Maybe authorship is no longer a Google consideration. Anyway, I’m not pursuing authorship as a way of gaming search engine results. But it is always important to adopt quality guidelines. So my focus is first on writing quality content. Starting with a thorough review of Google’s Search Quality Evaluator Guide. But also other guides for online writing quality. And tools such as Grammarly alternatives.

Promotion is an important part of self-publishing. So I will assess common and new Social channels. Maybe even look at advertising.

This is repurposing to service humans not robots.

Later, I might consider tools that help robots without harming humans. But that can only work when the human quality standard has been met (hopefully surpassed). Also, I must forget about networks. Until I have other authors to collaborate with on network projects.

So my roadmap outline for becomes:

  • Rewrite the Purpose Statement.
  • Remove Network pages.
  • Tidy and complete all About pages.
  • Start in-depth review of Google quality guide with practical application examples.
  • Review other writing quality guides.
  • Content writing tools reviews.
  • Content promotion tools reviews.

Note, I’ve not sorted that task list. Because readers will set priorities.

Keith Taylor 2020

Inevitably, my Wondrous Me changes affect this site. So I’ll stick to explaining my involvement with every site that I have content on. Also, why I choose a specific content tool from the choices described on Wondrous Me. Then I’ll move other stuff to Shrewdies Learning. With occasional personal insight here where appropriate.

Finally, I need to rethink the categories here. Because what’s the point of year-by-year categories when WordPress has automatic date archives? So categories should be:

  • Sites Authored by me
  • My Collaboration Sites
  • Subdomains
  • Social Pages
  • Articles by me
  • My Contributions
  • Backlinks
  • Mentions
  • Content Tools I use
  • Promotion Tools I use
  • General Sites I use
  • Personal Stories (Default)

What’s ahead for Wondrous You?

So this website has to be about me. But I’m mostly interested in your questions, experiences, and opinions. So please share your stories in the Feedback Form below.

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