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I use Keith Taylor Author photo to illustrate my Keith Taylor Author article. At the moment, it’s also this website’s icon.

I wrote the article in response to search engine results for me as an author. There are many authors called Keith Taylor. So, I differentiate myself as Keith Taylor Internet Author.

In real terms, my authorship is incidental to creating “learning and earning” websites. I’d describe myself as a learner first, a teacher second, and an author third. But it doesn’t really matter.

I’m proud of the Internet pages that I’ve authored over the years. Well, most of them. With over ten years of work, I’m spending an increasing amount of time reviewing and republishing. That’s the beauty of being an Internet Author. There’s always a new challenge.

Keith Taylor Author photo details

This photograph is from 28th October 2014, when I proudly gave my daughter away.

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