In today’s website health check procedures, it was the turn of this blog.

I intend this blog to be a hub for reinforcing authorship credibility. That intention started at a time when Google was promoting authorship credibility through Google+. Since Google dropped that idea, I have a notion of continuing the process using microformats, schema, etc.

Strategically, I don’t intend to develop this until I’ve got the rest of my websites operating efficiently. But, I do want to monitor security and quality, just like any other website.

The strongest benefit of my evolutionary website development process is early identification of potential audiences. Part of my website quality check reveals these potential audiences nicely. Today, I revealed:

  1. CloudFlare with ASN
  2. Wordfence with CloudFlare
  3. Keith Taylor Author

They join Headline Checker, which I revealed earlier in Which Headline Analyser For Best Advice?.

CloudFlare is an important Internet service to me, despite sometimes questioning it. But, I focus my writing about CloudFlare on other websites. I offer Managed CloudFlare ASN and Wordfence services, and independent CloudFlare and Wordfence support. I’m likely to mention them frequently in this blog, as both services are fundamental to my network security.

Keith Taylor Internet Author

Keith Taylor 2014 photo

Keith Taylor 2014 photo

On this website, I want to explain my work as an author. At the moment, Google recognises my standard author page that WordPress automatically generates. That’s simply a list of all the articles I’ve published on this blog. Recently, I added a network-wide feed that lists my latest stories from all my websites. I still need to refine it, but I think it gives a fairer reflection of my work as an Internet Author.

I’d like to differentiate myself as an Internet Author. I have no intention of ever going into print. I might write and publish e-books. Some people nostalgically love the feel of a printed book. As a committed Green, I prefer a lower-carbon version.

Keith Taylor Author

It’s interesting to see, in the world of printed books, there are 6 known authors called Keith Taylor. Plus 13 recognised works that have not been assigned to an identified Keith Taylor.

Maybe I should start selling their books as I develop the network shopping website? Or maybe it would just be confusing.

Anyway, if you’ve been searching for “Keith Taylor Author”, I’m interested to know what you’re looking for. Perhaps you could enlighten me in my Learning Forum?

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