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I’ve reviewed this website as part of my latest strategic plan. One key requirement is to stop using my name in every headline. If it isn’t obvious what this website is about, there are friendlier ways. My review also prompted me to investigate headline analysis again.

I’ve reviewed responses to my “Sensational Headlines” article. It certainly attracts an audience interested in Headline Checker. But, the two headline analysers I mentioned, give very surprising results.

Which Headline Analyser For Best Advice?

For today’s headline, I used power words from my previous article. My first attempt was: “Colossal Headline Improvements Start Today“. I was happy with the Advanced Marketing Institute (AMI) test. An impressive score of 80%. But, I didn’t really like my first headline attempt. So, I retested it in CoSchedule’s headline analyser. Surprisingly, the CoSchedule score was an unimpressive 46.

I say “surprisingly”, because the tool reported zero power words. Yet, “Colossal” came straight from their list. Investigating both headline analysers, I conclude:

  1. The AMI headline analyser might be out-of-date. I need more research to investigate this. Annoyingly, the link to explain EMV Scores on the results page is wrong. Here is an archived version About AMI’s Emotional Marketing Value (EMV) Score.
  2. The CoSchedule tool has some display weaknesses. E.g., the Word Balance percentage chart doesn’t match the tabular list of Common, Uncommon, Emotional, and Power Words. It gives useful links to explain it’s headline analysis.

My final surprise came from AMI’s headline checker. I tried my final headline choice. It gave a zero score! Clearly, there is useful information from both tools. You can try both free of charge. Then choose whichever suits you best. The real tests come later. You need enough Page Search Analysis data to test headline performance.

Headline Analyser Power screenshot

Headline Analyser Power from CoSchedule

Are Headlines Important?

The headline is your attention-grabbing statement. Your audience scans a list of search results. You want your page to get the click. Attractive headlines are important. But, how much time should you spend analysing headlines?

I suggest you keep this to a minimum for fresh pieces, especially flyers. A flyer is my term for articles you publish to test the waters. You have a topic in mind. But perform little or no keyword research. For flyers, it’s important to publish fresh content quickly. Time spent analysing is wasted without reliable data. Read more about website flyer pages and Google Search Page Analysis.

I conducted a similar page analysis for this website. It prompted this second look at headline analyser tools. I need to consider headline analysis for website guidelines at Shrewdies.com. It’s certainly a candidate for Shrewdies Internet Resource Knowledge Base. There are more relevant topics from my Search Page Analysis. I’ll write about these in a separate article.

Please share your opinions about headline analysers in the feedback form below. Do you use a different headline analyser?

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