As I was doing a little keyword research, I thought about a service that I might call BidWords.

Basically, it should follow AdWords principles. But, instead of paying money, you pay Ŧallars. So, you can convert community contribution time into website market growth. I’ve been trying to “vocationalise” the keyword aspects of KeĈata Website Quality Check service. This might be the way forward.

BidWords Background

Top of the search results for ‘BidWords’ are pages about words related to ‘bid’. There is a dotcom for sale, which is linked to an old Twitter account. That account only has 2 tweets from 2012. And, the hashtag only has 5 old tweets. So, it isn’t a brand. But, if it’s protected, I’ll just change the service name. First look tells me it might belong to Simon from Singing Horse Studio in Brighton. So, apologies in advance, Simon, if I trod on your virtual toes. It genuinely was a unique idea for me. Though, obviously, not a unique idea for the planet.

If I do go ahead with this idea, I like to think I’ll rank at the top fairly soon for BidWords. Though, the real challenge is getting people to search for it.

BidWords Access

I believe in OpenService. That’s my concept for providing public Internet support services in an open way. The principle is similar to OpenSource. But, I’m not thinking about another branding idea. (yet!)

So, when I come up with keyword ideas for my own projects, I like to develop content in public. So, I might create a post in the Not For Dummies Ideas Lab, this blog, or elsewhere. But, some people are going to want privacy when discussing commercial ideas. Plus, I don’t want my Website Owner Support Forums to become a public debate on topics that belong to other websites. So, I have to consider restricting access to certain forums.

myCred or “Restrict User Access” plugin?

My first thought was to use myCred_show_if, or myCred_hide_if, functionality. But, I can’t see an easy way to implement this. I could spend lots of time researching it now. But, I’d prefer to start with a tried and tested plugin for restricting users to certain forums. Unfortunately, I can’t be sure such a plugin exists that will work with MultiSite. The best candidate has no MultiSite information. So, I asked Does Restrict User Access support MultiSite? Let’s hope I get an answer before I’m ready to launch the BidWords Service. (*)

BidWords Scope

I firmly believe traditional SEO has the wrong fundamental focus. But, before we can evolve our own keyword search analysis, we have to start somewhere. And, there are always keyword ideas that do not come from natural website evolution. So, BidWords needs to collect and prioritise keywords from several sources:

  • GSC Search Queries Analysis.
  • Competition Analysis.
  • Clients market targets.
  • Clients ideas/suggestions board.

Assuming these end up as forum topics, I need a rating system so client can prioritise best profit potential. If this is being done in private, maybe it’s better to use a shared spreadsheet rather than forums. I can always use public spreadsheets for marketing examples.

After collection and prioritisation, I need to consider promotion.

Scope of BidWords Promotion

There are 3 main strands: provide new content, improve existing content, or schedule adverts. Adverts might be within my network, or managed as an external project.

So, we have keywords at different stages of evolution. And, for each keyword, the client can bid with their Ŧallars. That determines how much time I spend writing, improving, or promoting. So, I need a ratecard for each service. It has to be easy for clients to allocate their Ŧallars. Ultimately, I’m trying to achieve natural search results first. But, the promotion scheme must identify when it’s better to advertise. The decision in where to place adverts depends on how diverse my network is. So, promoting through BidWords must include an option to spend on AdWords, or similar.

First focus should be on establishing and improving natural search. I’ll bear promotion in mind. But, first I will create the spreadsheet environment to introduce BidWords as a natural search version of AdWords.

Purpose of BidWords

In the best traditions of PROSPRA, let’s start in the right place. If I search for purpose of adwords, the best summary is from the Google AdWords Community. I’ll adapt my purpose from the best search result:

AdWords is an advertising platform used to generate traffic to your website which in turn would help in generating leads/sales or whatever your business objective, is from the website. This is a paid platform and you need to invest money to show your ads on Google network.
pankaj1782 from Official Google Advertiser Community

Adapting that, my Purpose for BidWords is:
BidWords is a content improvement platform used to generate traffic to your website. It should monitor that traffic to prioritise content that generates leads, sales, and other important website objectives. BidWords is a free platform with payment options. And, you need to invest time and/or money to get KeĈata content improvement services.

Obviously, that needs refinement to become compelling. I also need to explain that content improvement services are documented so that anyone can manage them. Ideally, other people will get involved in running this type of service, as a vocation. That allows me to focus on developing BidWords concepts, features and benefits.

Thinking about BidWords Picture

I need to finish with a relevant, punchy image. But…

(*) Subsequent ideas mean that I probably don’t need a restricted access forum just yet. I can start with the spreadsheet, then incorporate it into a forum later. I can just use a Helpdesk instead of a private forum.

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