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Good times continue as I start on Shrewdies.org. I changed some basic settings, installed bbPress for Shrewdies Learning Forum, and published Find answers for Shrewdies, not for Dummies (original archive). I really enjoyed that, as I developed a great...

Strategic Review Spring 2016

Sometimes, you just need to relax, and count your blessings. I’m not sure if my enforced breaks from work are depression, chaotic organisation, or just plain laziness. It doesn’t matter. I’ve realised that my online business is performing at least as well as I expected last year. Personal life is good, with great friends and […]

Keith Taylor: 15 Jan 2016

Raring to go after the mid-week weekend. [Note: This is one of many Journal Posts from Keith Taylor. I write events as they happen, or shortly afterwards. Sometimes before. Hence, they might seem disjointed at times] Keith Taylor’s daily security checks Here’s the overview of daily admin, preparing to create full explanations at Shrewdies. Wordfence […]

Keith Taylor’s 2016 Initiatives

For 2016, my biggest goal for my websites is diversity. GoutPal.com remains a success. I’m delighted that I’m maintaining momentum with moving my gout forums. In GoutPal’s Gout Community Reborn, I’m even thinking about renaming my Gout Network as my Gout Community. That can be at the back of my mind as I learn better […]

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