Sometimes, you just need to relax, and count your blessings.

I’m not sure if my enforced breaks from work are depression, chaotic organisation, or just plain laziness. It doesn’t matter. I’ve realised that my online business is performing at least as well as I expected last year. Personal life is good, with great friends and family. So, my strategy is to relax more, and worry less.

Unanswered emails can wait another week. As can forum and helpdesk questions. My new approach is to publish more and plan less. It’s simpler, so better organised.

Strategic Objectives

Collective Guidelines Improvement

My purpose is to provide help to others. I can help more people faster if guidelines are easy to use. Support requests must trigger guideline review and improvement.

Support on merit

Quality of support request should dictate priority. Ultimately, community should vote on my task priority. For now, focus on publishing requests ASAP, so backlog is visible to all.

4 Business Divisions

I will move all websites to MultiSite, except I will run as a self-managed client, with other GoutPal sites as Shrewdies managed sites. I’ll formalise Admin and Review routines to differentiate service levels. Then, I’ll market those as hosting service plans. Thus, divisions are:

  1. KeČaTa Community
  2. Shrewdies Technical
  3. GoutPal
  4. Financial (especially eCommerce)

There is some crossover between divisions. However, this is at sub-domain level, so websites can be allocated correctly. The main purpose for divisions is to streamline goal planning and rewards measurement. Current objectives are to maximise audience diversity, without reducing income. That means prioritising content generation in division with lowest audience. Target is to get better benchmarks for startups. This allows realistic rewards projection for potential clients.

Admin & Management Review

Long term aim is to automate admin reporting to manage exceptions. Current schedules need to give adequate security, and form a good basis for marketing hosting plans. I’m refining routines for:

  1. Daily Security Checks for and
  2. Daily Forum & Comments Response timetable.
  3. Daily Helpdesk & email publishing timetable.
  4. Page Search CTR action. Prioritised by audience statistics report.
  5. Review Old Content. Prioritised by audience statistics report.
  6. Publish New Content. Prioritised by audience statistics report.
  7. Monthly Audience Statistics update & review website priorities.

I’m moving from periodic scheduling to continuous review. But, I still need to organise details. This is evolving as I improve procedures. Importantly, Website Success Checks need to expand, and have different service levels. One bad headache that’s disrupting this reorganisation, is CloudFlare’s poor technical support. It’s a continuing saga of bad advice and timewasting that started with a CloudFlare Explosion! I have more information about this and more head-scratching to do. There’s no realistic alternative to CloudFlare at the moment, so it looks like I’m going to have to support it myself. Look forward to many more CloudFlare support discussions at Shrewdies Website Support Forum.

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  1. For some reason, the Wayback Machine won’t archive this page today. Might be weekend maintenance, as it also failed on the Home Page (which is out-of-date since I fixed the menu).

    My “Business Divisions” described above, have taken shape today. I think the word “Business” is wrong here, but that can develop later. Anyway, those divisions will drive the evolution of WordPress Categories here.

    As an aside, isn’t it annoying how the easiest way to add comments to WordPress is to post a few words, then edit it. Not something that can’t be worked with, but tedious. I miss the WordPress Edit Buttons when I’m adding new comments.

    Anyway, I’ll continue with “Community Divisions”. I’ve prioritised these, and built them into my scheduling spreadsheet. Priorities are:
    Technology Division – Shrewdies websites plus sub-domains will develop in other divisions as that project progresses. Main emphasis is to develop a better framework for guidelines, and review old content accordingly. Purpose is to enable members and visitors to get best value Internet Service for access and for hosting. (Internet Service Support Category).
    Community Division – KeČaTa and most others. This is the default division. I may split large groups later. E.g. Health Division is a possibility, either incorporating Nutrition, or separately. Foodary clearly has potential to dwarf GoutPal. Divisions are bound to be reorganised as resources and requirements evolve. (Keith Taylor Online Community Category).
    Client Division – I’m running GoutPal as a pseudo-client to develop admin procedures. (Keith Taylor Client Category).
    Treasury Division – Retail sites. Nucleus for evolving community finance and work opportunities. (Too early to consider potential category name).

    So now, it’s time to work in my Technology Division. is waiting, and I’ll try get back ti journalling developments each day (maybe, with better headlines?)

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