When I needed recipes I couldn’t rely on my usual curated search engine. Because I needed specialist sites. Also, I knew a specialist search would be useful many times over. Though at the time, I didn’t realise just how useful.

Searching for Specialist Recipes

I’m continuing to grow specialist search engines as part of my writing toolset. Of course, if they’re useful to me they’ll be useful to others. So my Search and Research project is starting to attract interest.

My latest – Diabetic Recipe Search Engine turns out to have three uses:

  1. Research material for my eating website.
  2. Eating ideas for my diabetic readers.
  3. Images to inspire stories of diabetic pain and recovery…

Diabetic Pain Images – Inspiration for new Stories

Eating at EFSEP at last

I’ve enjoyed using that new search engine to add some recipes to EFSEP.com – Meals for Easing Diabetic Pain.

Setting up the template for publishing recipes took some time. Especially because the available plugins suffer from the usual WordPress repository problems. Where most of the plugins are little use except as adverts for paid versions. Anyway, that’s a problem for another day. So for now, I’ll continue to use Cooked WordPress Recipe Plugin. That seems to provide everything I need.

I’m looking forward to adding more recipes to EFSEP very soon.

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