The main purpose of is to provide a central reference point for all Internet content published by Keith Taylor. As such, I link to websites owned or operated by me. Including my profiles on Facebook, Twitter, and other social platforms and information websites.

I also use this website to express the personal views of Keith Taylor. Specifically, this includes, but is not limited to:

  • Important experiences
  • Keith Taylor Travels
  • A sounding board for ideas I am trying to formulate.

So, there is no overall theme to this website. Except for my wondrous self! 😀

Therefore, I really must include my own personal life purpose.

Keith Taylor Life Purpose

This format was inspired by:

How to know your life purpose in 5 minutes.

Ironically, despite its title, it’s a 10+ minute video. But if you cut the waffle you can do your own purpose in 2 minutes (plus thinking/reviewing time).

Who Am I?

Keith Taylor.

What Do I Do?

Publish Internet Information.

Who For?

Uninformed, misinformed, or confused people who need help solving problems.

What do they Want?

Facts and outlines with examples.

How do they Change?

They learn skills for better efficiency and enjoyment.

My Intended Purpose

I intend to evolve towards:

  • Am – Keith Taylor (Wondrous Keith “inspiring a feeling of wonder or delight; marvelous.”)
  • Do – Show people how to Publish Internet Information with my personal examples.
  • For – Uninformed, misinformed, or confused people who need help solving problems. Also, those who want to earn full or part-time income on the Internet
  • Want – Safe platform to engage with like-minded people
  • Change – Get personal rewards.

In short, I help people enjoy life more. Also, I share my skills with people who want to help others.

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