I’ve worked on a project for many years. That has helped me improve efficiency for my repeating routines. Also helped me with a framework for solving one-off problems. So I was surprised today with a new benefit. Because PROSPRA helps me as a strategic authoring tool.

I’ll write more about that some day. But for now here’s my daily (almost) roundup of new content I’ve written and published.

Goutpal.org Gout Lies campaign

As well as hosting my own campaign highlighting the perils of Normal Uric Acid, I’m featuring gout campaigns from other organisations. I find Horizon’s Gout Lies campaign fascinating. Because it resonates with my Gout Myths series. So I might extend the Gout Lies campaign, which seems short-lived. By creating my own Gout Lies and Myths campaign.

It certainly highlights how much misleading information is pushed on gout sufferers. Often by professionals who fail to keep up with new developments. Anyway, here’s my latest article…

PROSPRA Disease Recovery Procedure

I’m delighted to start documenting problem-solving templates. As I often use them when I’m writing articles. In fact, as an authoring Tool, my PROSPRA technique takes some beating. Because the structured approach has at least three benefits:

  1. Breaking through writers block.
  2. Providing essential article structure.
  3. Forming a series of linked articles.

So now I’m beginning to describe PROSPRA as my favourite strategic authoring tool! (Though I should be calling it a writing tool!)

I use it all the time for two reasons. First, it gives me a framework in unique situations where I need to solve problems. Second, it gives me a routine for improving other routines. That is, I use it for all repeating tasks. Because the “Appreciation” step pushes me to automatically review and improve.

But one thing is still annoying me – the name.

Not the PROSPRA acronym. Even though I often wish I’d chosen different letters. For example P for Purpose could easily be G for Goal. Or I for Intent, etc. But I see this as a virtue. Because as I apply the technique in different situations, I can generate new Acronyms. In fact, it was the GOUTPAL acronym in my treatment plans that prompted me to publish my Health Problem Solving template. So now I have a strong base for that third authoring tool benefit – forming several series of linked health articles.

No, the part of the name that annoys me is “Task Manager”. So I’ll need to think about that as I write more templates. Hopefully, something will inspire me to a better name*.

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