I take my weekend on Wednesday. I usually add Tuesday, or Thursday, or both.

Yesterday was a productive midweek day for organisation. Especially organising thoughts. It left me with 9 tasks to do:

  1. Eliminating noise from bbPress RSS feeds, which should make forum update emails better.
  2. Blocking poor quality forum discussions from search engines.
  3. Researching better alternatives to WooCommerce.
  4. Improving and standardising log in experience throughout my network.
  5. Humanizing website project instructions at Shrewdies Learning.
  6. Better Feedback routines to respected Plugin and Theme authors using WordPress.org Favorites.
  7. Snippet coding for Organisations, People, and Websites throughout my network, starting here.
  8. Clarifying forum objectives and procedures in human language. Joint projects starting with Shrewdies, then GoutPal.
  9. Refining organisation roles, with set times for handover “meetings”.

Lets see how many I can complete. But first, some security checks.

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Where Does Time Go?

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  1. Oh dear! That August 22 blog entry didn’t get posted until today. Best laid plans, and all that.

    Time ran out, then depression set in. Long story, best left for now. I’ll crack on with more exciting developments. Then, return to mark-off those 9 tasks as I complete them.

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