My Learning Nook is centred around Shrewdies, following Insight or Insanity. I’ve allocated Crannies to the Nook.

Today, I’m going to describe the Learning Nook organisation, and how I administer it.

The Learning Nook is one of 4 nooks that I manage as part of KeČaTa. They are:

The hub of my online world. It hosts most websites, and administers merit awards and achievements.
Various learning projects, giving opportunities for online learning, as described below.
Various vocation projects, giving opportunities for online earning.
1 internal development client, and several external clients. Commercial services to be marketed through KeČ

The Learning Crannies

Crannies are usually websites, but could be social media networks, or significant presence on external websites. Subdomain websites are frequently split across different Nooks.
My Learning Crannies are:

Address Title Tagline Purpose Wondrous Me Social Authorship Networks To develop strategies for applying schema across entire web presence for Authors (and possibly Publishers) Foodary Healthy Eating Food and Health Help Services A test ground for learning methods
GoutPal UK GoutPal’s UK Gout Support Help for UK Gout Sufferers Example of a managed learning service for pseudo-client. Takes selected lessons and exercises from USA client and re-packages them for UK market. GoutPal Gout Network Stopping Gout Together Example of a managed learning service for pseudo-client. Provides support infrastructure for pseudo-client’s exercises and lessons. PROSPRA Task Manager (subject to change) 7 Step Task Management (subject to change) A test ground for learning methods Facts For Shrewdies Learning For Shrewdies Not For Dummies Exercises, lessons, and other facts that allow anyone to learn anything. Learning For Shrewdies Lessons For Shrewdies Not For Dummies Support infrastructure for exercises and lessons.
Web Management Venn Diagram

Who’s managing your website health checks?

Administering the Learning Nook

I’ve stopped a fixed timetable for administration. I usually spend first two hours on admin, but this can change if I have to complete a previous day task. Crannies are scheduled on a spreadsheet, and sorted according to when admin tasks were last completed. I usually complete Admin tasks in this sequence:

  1. Review Website Security health check results for all Crannies notified by KeČaTa.
  2. easily internally and externally.

  3. Fix 404 not found issues by correction, redirection, or reporting suspicious behaviour. KeČaTa processes these as a service for some sites.

Growing the Learning Nook

  1. Perform Website Success Check on first priority website.
  2. CTR improvement, Old Content, New Content procedures. I’m developing these so they work

KeČaTa processes these checks for some sites. I’m refining procedures prior to offering health checks as a commercial service. This Learning Nook is highest priority, for now. However, I’m going to break off, and fine-tune the health check routines in KeČaTa, as these will affect all websites.

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