For 2016, my biggest goal for my websites is diversity. remains a success. I’m delighted that I’m maintaining momentum with moving my gout forums. In GoutPal’s Gout Community Reborn, I’m even thinking about renaming my Gout Network as my Gout Community. That can be at the back of my mind as I learn better communication skills. I must get back to encouraging better discussions in all my forums.

An essential part of this is better organisation. I’ve made my working week more structured. I don’t want the 9-5 restrictions, but I think a mid-week break is a good thing. Wednesday is my weekend, and a semi-permanent social engagement. I’ll tag Tuesday or Thursday onto that as I think fit. Next, I will assign 2 main days for working on gout websites. The other 3 days will be dedicated to:

  • Improving nutrition at and Also starting EFSEP as a jargon-free guide to easy better nutrition
  • 2 days of cycling through all other websites to produce at least one page of content in turn.

On 5 days a week, I’ll start with an hour of admin. This involves website checks for security, speed, configuration, and many more. Crucial to this is documentation on Shrewdies. By the end of March, I aim to have all important routines documented. That includes incorporating them in hosting and management plans on

It’s been a busy day today. Completed tasks include:

  1. Google Search Console checks for
  2. Outline documentation in draft at, for review and publication tomorrow. Subsequently, published as Essential Google Search Console Checks.
  3. Introduced new spam checking procedures using Wordfence and Redirection plugins (to refine and incorporate in daily admin routines.
  4. Completed changing all references to old gout forum at
  5. Updated the GoutPal Story with the community post mentioned above.

That’s it for today.

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