Here’s a list of my current websites:

  3. Chimney Sweep Shipley
  4. Wondrous
  8. goutpal uk
  9. Retayler
  13. fernis uk
  18. freeche

That list doesn’t include this website yet. Also, I’m working on a project at YourShow UK, which is a joint venture to promote some client websites that I’m also managing.

I’ll work down that list, and explain more details about the purpose of each website.

Keith Taylor Websites Network photo

Today’s project, is to work bring PROSPRA Task Manager into the
KeČaTa Community. My managed website community is also missing from the “Current Keith Taylor Websites” list, so that’s another task to finish. Then, catching up with YourShow is well overdue!

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I am the owner of this website, which is part of my Keith Charlie Taylor Internet Community. My Community Profiles are:Keith at GoutPal Gout Help.Full bio, and more, at Keith Taylor Internet Help Stories. Get in touch:Contact: Contact Keith Taylor Facebook: LinkedIn: LinkedIn Keith Taylor Twitter:


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  1. The PROSPRA move is not straightforward – i.e. content needs some revision before I move the website. This is unusual, but I was experimenting with different formats before deciding to simplify with bbPress. It’s an ongoing project now, but low priority.

    I’m also struggling with Your Show, as information is very fragmented, and seems to change from one week to the next. Decided to put this on hold and concentrate on live projects. May have a meeting about the way forward next week.

    Today, I’ve published GoutPal’s Gout Network Relaunch and WordPress Security Foundation, so far.

  2. A productive day! I’ve reorganized Foodary’s eating for health forums, complete with introductory posts. I’ve also added more explanations, such as help with Logging In and improvements to the Services page. Next it’s time to check on any outstanding questions, and promote the forums across the Foodary network.

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