The purpose of this post is to announce a change to the footer layout of all my websites. Because I introduced a common format earlier this year. But today I realized I must make slight changes.

However, I never explained the earlier layout. So now I’ll list my latest footer standard. With notes on potential future changes.

WordPress Footer Layout for Keith Taylor Websites

I add my footer items by editing the footer.php file in my WordPress child theme. In subsequent versions, I may start using a branding plugin. But my main concern now is to get to a common standard using basic WordPress tools. Then I can judge if adding more plugins is worth the effort saved by creating child themes. Because I suspect this only becomes an issue once I supply 3rd party websites.

However, I’m still deciding if I should do that commercially or only for community contributors.

So, my current WordPress footer standard is:

Multisite Network Marketing Link

The WordPress Multisite Network Link is always the last line. However, I will change the destination in future. Because, as I mentioned above, I am still considering the best way to operate my website provider service.

Keith Taylor Copyright Notice

My copyright notice is always the first item of the second last line. I use a PHP function to include the current year with the start year taken from the year I started the website. Then I include my name linked to this website.

Website Home Link

The website home link takes visitors to the start of the website. In most cases, I use an introductory home page. However, some of my newer websites are still configured with a list of blog posts as the home page. So, I will create new website home pages as required during my standardization project.

Website Purpose Link

The purpose of the website is the most important information with respect to Google credibility. Equally important to me, is to establish all my websites as my personal creative works. Because I have introduced a slightly corporate feel to some sites. But I want to go forward with a common base. So the full statement of purpose will also link back to my life purpose on this website.

Website About Link

I’ve decided to include an about link in my footer. Because many visitors expect a quick overview. So each about page will include:

  1. Summary of the website purpose as a mission statement.
  2. Links to the “footer pages” that I’ve described here.
  3. Links to other pages that help visitors understand how each website works.

Note: this is a recent upgrade, so the About page link is not in the screenshot that decorates this page.

Keith Taylor Contact Link

Currently, my standard is to link to one single Contact Keith Taylor page on this website. Because I want to emphasize that I operate all my websites to the same standards. Also, there’s only one of me. So why confuse visitors with multiple contact pages.

However, I might refine this for certain websites in future. If it helps visitors contact me in the best way for that particular website.

Keith Taylor Privacy Policy Link

Again, my Privacy Policy covers all my websites. So all my sites will link to the Privacy Policy here. But as I link the websites, I will ensure that sites are specifically mentioned in that policy. So that visitors are in no doubt as to their rights.

Keith Taylor Terms and Conditions Link

I view my terms and conditions page in the same way as my privacy policy.

Website Notifications Link

Each of my websites has a notification service. Because I like to email regular readers when I publish new site content. But I’m currently moving from several FeedBurner update lists to a single combined MailChimp mailing list. So I will ensure that each site has a notification page. Then I will encourage subscribers to move to my new integrated notification service.

Keith Taylor WordPress Websites Footer

How do you format your WordPress Website Footer?

As well as subscription forms for each individual website, I have an update service form for all websites that includes choices for all Keith’s Learners.

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