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Keith Taylor: 17 Jan 2016

It’s been a great day for planning and ideas today. 😀 But very bad for actual published website content. 😥 The planning had to be done, as I was getting overwhelmed trying to fit new admin routines into an acceptable working day. Now, I’m all set to catch up with the Gout Forums tomorrow. Also, […]

Keith Taylor: 15 Jan 2016

Raring to go after the mid-week weekend. [Note: This is one of many Journal Posts from Keith Taylor. I write events as they happen, or shortly afterwards. Sometimes before. Hence, they might seem disjointed at times] Keith Taylor’s daily security checks Here’s the overview of daily admin, preparing to create full explanations at Shrewdies. Wordfence […]

Keith Taylor: 12 Jan 2016

In my new semi-structured working week, I have 2 GoutPal days. Depending on when I choose my weekend, GoutPal days are Tuesday/Thursday and Saturday/Sunday. On other days, as time allows, I respond to urgent gout problems. Today is a GoutPal day, and I’ve been catching up with gout forum replies. I was inspired to write […]

Keith Taylor: 11 Jan 2016

This isn’t a New Year resolution. I believe a daily journal is a good thing. Keith Taylor and Stoicism When I started studying Stoicism, I learned that reviewing the days actions helps improve tomorrow. My understanding is that you learn to distinguish between events you can control, and those that you cannot. I didn’t agree […]

Keith Taylor’s 2016 Initiatives

For 2016, my biggest goal for my websites is diversity. remains a success. I’m delighted that I’m maintaining momentum with moving my gout forums. In GoutPal’s Gout Community Reborn, I’m even thinking about renaming my Gout Network as my Gout Community. That can be at the back of my mind as I learn better […]

Following Keith Taylor Websites November 2015, today I’ll focus on my forums. My biggest forum is Please Help My Gout!, which I started in December 2006. It’s gone through many changes, including different forum software packages and different names....
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