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Good times continue as I start on I changed some basic settings, installed bbPress for Shrewdies Learning Forum, and published Find answers for Shrewdies, not for Dummies (original archive). I really enjoyed that, as I developed a great...
Was Sunday 15th May 2016 the day that launched Shrewdies as a popular brand? Or, was it the final nail in the coffin that broke Shrewdies forever? I spent most of Saturday refining my Strategic Review Spring 2016. I...

Strategic Review Spring 2016

Sometimes, you just need to relax, and count your blessings. I’m not sure if my enforced breaks from work are depression, chaotic organisation, or just plain laziness. It doesn’t matter. I’ve realised that my online business is performing at least as well as I expected last year. Personal life is good, with great friends and […]

Keith Taylor Breaks His Rules!

It was a good start to 18 Jan 2016 for Keith Taylor. Well, goodish! My early morning security checks went well. But, I’m annoyed that Amazon can’t put better outbound security on it’s Amazon Web Services (AWS) servers. I got 40 attempted hacks from AWS. All quite easily challenged with Cloudflare, but when are they […]