To capitalise on Technical Freedom, I need to review and amend my organisation chart.

After I introduced my organisation chart, it became easier to administer tasks. I could create positions within my organisation. Then, even though I was doing everything, I could allocate time better for groups of similar tasks. I never got as far as creating any real jobs. But, I moved a step nearer.

For 2017, I think better technology will help me move faster. And, I need to improve my organisation chart to reflect this. I believe Organisation Chart 1 helped me create a better working environment for myself. So, now, this second version can help me become more productive.

Technology Changes

Chart 1 was useful in my Windows environment. I had multiple logins running, switching between them, as I changed roles. Now that I’m committed to Chromebook, I want to change this. I could probably force Chromebook to work in a similar way. But, I’ve recognised that it is much better to clarify roles. Then, I can be certain that delegated tasks can be managed. I can devote blocks of my time to specific roles. Then, I can log in and out as I change from doing one job. That gives me a better chance of measuring how much time a job will take.

Also, I will force myself to record progress as I complete tasks. That helps me to prepare job descriptions. And, it will help to track tasks, when I eventually delegate them to a real person.

Organisation Changes

Keith Taylor Organisation Chart 1 screenshot

Click for full-size Organisation Chart archive

You can see my first Organisation Chart to the right. My current chart is displayed above, from the plugin I mentioned with my first chart. It’s dynamic, so the chart will always show the current version. You can see the full version, from the archives, by clicking that screenshot.

The biggest change is recognising my role within my organisation. As GoutPal, I started this organisation, and continue to fund it. Moving forward, I want to develop my organisation to reflect the importance of time commitment over money. So, I have my commercial self managing paying clients. My new self is developing KeČaTa to relate Ŧallers to time committed. Therefore, I will prefer new clients who commit time rather than money. They earn Ŧallers to ‘pay’ for CaaC. (Content as a Commodity – an embryonic concept of mine that needs much more work. Related to my Thinking about BidWords).

Anna’s role remains managing learning. Including, supervising Helpdesk staff. However, some Helpdesk staff are clients, or client employees. So, client Helpdesk staff will liaise with the most appropriate manager. KeČaTa Helpdesk staff need to be moved, or replaced. Anna will oversee closing the Foodary Helpdesk, and incorporating it within Keith’s Internet Support Service.

Ray’s role remains managing vocations. And, Ray will also actively manage finances. That means accurately measuring financial performance each month. Then, paying me one month in arrears. I’ll cover this in more detail in future. I’m committed to developing this organisation as being publicly managed by consensus. It’s a long-term project that’s part of my exit strategy. So, hopefully, very long term.

[orgchart] December 2019 Update – Now that I use MindMup extensively, I’ve removed the Simple Org Chart Plugin. Accordingly, this page is now being updated. So you can track progress on the page update at Keith Taylor Organisation Chart 2 Status Page.

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  1. This is the beginning of stage 2 organisation. I need to extend this chart to include responsibilities for every website listed in the sidebar.

    Each manager will have a management task list that feeds into Keith Taylor’s Current Task List. Note, that list is projects that are in addition to daily forum checks. Most work should be forum driven by customers, or by managers on their behalf. Therefore, my task list should be limited to 5 projects. That’s, one for each nook, plus an extra one for a second client.

    Until I fulfil those management vacancies, I must be strict about logging on at least once a week as a manager. In manager mode, I should also try restrict to small numbers of projects. Eventually, these move to my Current Task List. So, too many will just create more backlogs. A project should only be on one list at a time. I.e., it should move between my personal list, and the appropriate manager list, to indicate active or pending status.

  2. That proved to be too complicated for the moment. Because I need more people to help me achieve it. So, I’ve simplified my plan, closing some websites completely, and putting some domain names on hold.

    I’ve done a summer 2017 update. Also, I have updated the menu and sidebar website list.

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