It was a good start to 18 Jan 2016 for Keith Taylor.

Well, goodish!

My early morning security checks went well. But, I’m annoyed that Amazon can’t put better outbound security on it’s Amazon Web Services (AWS) servers. I got 40 attempted hacks from AWS. All quite easily challenged with Cloudflare, but when are they going to take security seriously? It’s not all about stopping the bad guys hacking in. If you are running a service that allows outbound Internet access, you also have to stop the bad guys hacking out. It needs a change in mindset beyond hosting companies’ pathetic abuse email offering. No, I’m not going to log your idiots and waste my time complaining. You’ll take more notice when respectable companies move their custom away from you. Rant over!

Perhaps that naughtiness from Amazon upset my mood? ❓ Did it tempt me to my own naughtiness? ❓

I’ve broken a rule and registered yet another domain. I really could not resist ALKAscore. Only time will tell, but the omens are good. My spellchecker wants to change ALKAscore to Goalscorer! ❗ We’ll see. 🙂

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