Raring to go after the mid-week weekend.

[Note: This is one of many Journal Posts from Keith Taylor. I write events as they happen, or shortly afterwards. Sometimes before. Hence, they might seem disjointed at times]

Keith Taylor’s daily security checks

Here’s the overview of daily admin, preparing to create full explanations at Shrewdies.

  1. Wordfence hacking attempts blocked
  2. Old forum rogue crawlers blocked
  3. GoutPal.com 404s corrected & bad bots blocked. Move this to 2nd priority and also run on kecata.com. Also, should start oldest first.
    1. Normally, I should allow an hour for this, but 404s and rogue crawlers have been left unchecked for a long time. So, 2 hours security checks today.

      I’ll do an hour of other admin checks after lunch. Now for a think about which site to prioritise for today’s content building.

      Keith Taylor’s Website Traffic Improves

      To determine priorities, I updated my monthly site search summary. It’s a spreadsheet of current search performance compared to prior months. Though there are exceptions, it is usually the best tool for setting general priorities each month. So, by keeping this updated each month, I never have to “think about which site to prioritise for today’s content building.” If there are no obvious important tasks, the priority is next on the list.

      It was nice to see that my traffic is improving after a few months of slight decline. That’s what happens when you go chasing Take That round the country instead of publishing website content! 😉

      It’s nice to see a 7% increase so far this month. However, I must remember that this is against a background of falling numbers. The reality is, I’m about halfway to where I should be, so there’s lots for me to do. More importantly, my diversity plans are sadly unfulfilled. I still only have significant traffic on 2 websites. It’s time to get some stability from the other 20!

      Keith Taylor’s Helpdesks Repositioned

      My helpdesks have proved very popular. However, I have had very limited response back. I started Shrewdies First Line Response service today. Initial findings are very surprising.

      Anna is now reviewing all helpdesk tickets on an ‘almost daily’ basis. It turns out that most requesters do not activate their emails! Now, that does not necessarily mean that responses are not getting through, but it’s a good indication. So, I’ve decided to funnel requesters.

      Non-responders get an invite to forum updates, an activation reminder, and an open progress note. I need to test that this generates another email – if so, maybe consider sending emails on consecutive days to avoid overwhelming) Gracefully, this would be:

      1. Add public note with explanations of what has happened, and what will happen next
      2. Invite Forum
      3. Send Activation again
      4. Review when end of list reached, but add to forum, any way

      Tomorrow is a GoutPal day. First, I’ll respond to all outstanding forum topics, then pending tickets. Consider adding signature to forum. Do next content post, and some tidying to emphasise how different groups of visitors can get best help.

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