In my new semi-structured working week, I have 2 GoutPal days. Depending on when I choose my weekend, GoutPal days are Tuesday/Thursday and Saturday/Sunday. On other days, as time allows, I respond to urgent gout problems.

Today is a GoutPal day, and I’ve been catching up with gout forum replies. I was inspired to write a post about how the burden of gout is eased with the help of my GoutPal Community. I’ll leave the draft to mature, and publish it tomorrow (or later today, if more gout articles emerge).

That shows the double benefit of forum contributions. First you get actual website content in it’s own right. Next, you get inspired to publish articles that represent real-life cases.

Keith Taylor HelpDesk Integration

I’m convinced that a helpdesk is the best way (do far) to encourage engagement. But, I’ve been terrible at responding to tickets. My new approach will be to make first level support an integral part of content management. It’s an admin job to take tickets and post them to forums.

So, I’m dividing admin time into:

  • Posting tickets to forums
  • Operating daily security procedures
  • Performing routine checks

As I have a backlog on these, I’ll allocate time to do a day’s tasks, with spare time for catching up.

For posting tickets to the forums, I’ll do it as a support member. Then topics and replies can be easily re-assigned to members if they join. The support member needs to be succinct and edgy, to contrast with my waffling ways.

In the spirit of openness, I’ll document draft admin procedures here. It’s as good a place as any to describe, what I hope will become, a job description.

Stoic Keith Taylor

Dictionary definitions of stoic include:

“determined not to ​complain or show ​your ​feelings, ​especially when something ​bad ​happens to you” and “someone who does not ​complain or show ​their ​emotions”

That’s not quite how I understand Stoicism as a philosophy. I’ll never fully understand Stoicism, as I’ve learned enough to know it isn’t for me. However, I believe the popular view is wrong. I prefer to think more of “looking on the bright side.” Is there a philosophy created around the Life of Brian song? 🙂

Philosophy aside, I’m still working through the 100 links challenge I mentioned yesterday. I’m now resolved to change every forum link at around 20 per day. It’s tedious and boring, but has to be done. I’m certain that once I’ve got 4 or 5 forums running on the same platform, I can really achieve my long term aims. Keith Taylor is all about helping others. As much as I hate writing in the third person, it helps me to keep reminding myself that a few days of tedium will be worth it.

It would be a few minutes work to run an SQL query on my WordPress databases. In different circumstances, I would certainly do that. However, manually editing web page links has revealed other required changes. If I’d taken the shortcut, I’d have missed those.

20 more links edited today, with some extra adjustments for improved pages. Only 60 left now, so next week I can focus more on encouraging new forum users.

Keith Taylor Security Improvements

I’d never have considered 404 errors as a security issue. But, once you investigate them you can see the website security risks. The biggest cause of broken links is bots crawling your website for things they can exploit. The best way to deal with them is to block them from ever reaching your website. CloudFlare is brilliant for that.

I started today, experimenting with better ways to identify and block the bad guys. Early days yet, but my new routines look very promising. I’ll soon be adding these to the job description(s) I mentioned earlier today.

All in all, a fruitful day. I hoped to get further with posting helpdesk tickets to my forum. I’ll use a couple of hours in the morning for that. Another delay to domestic chores!

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