This isn’t a New Year resolution. I believe a daily journal is a good thing.

Keith Taylor and Stoicism

When I started studying Stoicism, I learned that reviewing the days actions helps improve tomorrow. My understanding is that you learn to distinguish between events you can control, and those that you cannot. I didn’t agree with some other aspects of Stoicism, but I like that part. Learn to improve things you can control, and learn to accept things that you cannot control.

I couldn’t control an email from a client with a website loading problem. But, I accept that such interruptions to my own website development plans will happen.

Keith Taylor’s Website Forum Opportunities

💡 I’m going to have to come up with a better forum name. Shrewd Website Forum? ❓

And, it’s an opportunity. At best, my client will join and enrich my Web Hosting Forum. At worst, I can post our emails into the forum, and expand with explanations. Plus, there is scope for articles on:

  • Analysing web page speed problems. Include comparison of and, with discussion.
  • Easy image compression.
  • Optimised Home Page.
  • Scope of Google Analytics
  • Analysing (or ignoring) Bounce Rates
  • Goal-based website planning

All based on real-world situations. Tech support the Shrewdies way.

Keith Taylor Improves Website Security

Recently, I’ve been aware of the strain on my server from unwelcome visitors. There’s a group of spammers, hackers, and exploiters who are best kept away from your website. WP Engine makes you pay through the nose for those visits. I prefer to identify them with Wordfence, and block them with CloudFlare. Before I got the tech support email from my client I was busy refining my website security routines.

This week, I’ll be documenting Website Security routines, in a similar way to yesterday’s Essential Google Search Console Checks. As well as the explanations on, each individual step is a great way to start Internet Resources on

Keith Taylor Runs First Line Support For Clients

Processing feedback from website visitors is a nightmare for many new webmasters. Comments are useful in some cases, but WordPress comment spam is rife. I prefer to restrict comments to members. This almost eliminates comment spam. But, it also reduces genuine feedback. My experiments with FreshDesk prove that feedback forms and buttons encourages genuine feedback with very little spam.

For information sites, it’s important to convert that feedback to valuable content ASAP. For commercial sites, it’s important to filter and process leads quickly, then convert remaining comments to valuable feedback. Creating valuable content from feedback is usually best via forums. Where this is not desired, use Testimonials and FAQ/KB (Knowledge Base) pages.

Most clients have the same problems as I have with my established brands. It’s time-consuming to operate and manage first line support. Therefore, I’m developing this internally before offering it as a client service from Shrewdies. It should include feedback sent via Facebook, Twitter, etc. These should be optional add-ons as they’re not appropriate for many clients.

Keith Taylor: 11 Jan 2016

Today’s felt like a new phase in recovering my website business. Daily journal entries here, and new approaches to administering customer feedback. The day has finished with a slight setback.

I thought I had changed all my website links for the new forums. Then, I spotted an old link in my gout guidelines. It seems that I’ve missed about 100 pages that need links changing. I’ve made a start, but the rest will have to wait until tomorrow.

Good Night.

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