It seems incongruous. An Organisation Chart for a one man band? Why bother?

Because, I have lofty ambitions. And a wise man once told me “the secret of a successful small business is to be organised like a big business.” That was nearly 40 years ago. So, the quote might not be exact. But, the sentiments have always stayed with me.

My best way to get more done, is to get more people on board. The best way I can do that is to give them real jobs. But, I don’t want to pay someone, then find that it takes months to get anything done because I’m too busy training. So, my way is to create the job, then do it in fixed time slots. Then, I can advertise a specific job at fixed hours. I know the job is possible, because I’ve done it. And, I document as I go, so the Training Manual is current as soon as the job starts.

Also, I want to start pursuing the primary purpose of this website. I want to use snippets to clarify my authorship identity. Then, I can invite guest bloggers from within my organisation to blog about their jobs. Perhaps.

WordPress Organisation Chart Plugin

I need an Organisation Chart plugin for this website. I was going to task this to my technical team. But, my technical team is struggling to function without an Organisation Chart. So, I’ll do it myself.

I’ll try to ignore the frustration of finding WordPress Plugins. A combination of terrible built in search and hopeless author descriptions. Now, I’ve found Simple Org Chart by Gangesh Matta. I’ll have to go and make a cuppa now as I have to logoff as author before I can install. It’s a pity there’s no Plugins tab on the MultiSite Network Site Management screen. I can access Themes and Settings, but not Plugins.

[FX: Pause for Technical Activity]

I’m back! I couldn’t have done much as an Editor. Only WordPress Administrators can set up Simple Org Chart. Instructions are not clear, but it’s simple enough. There are few options, so I soon worked out my first attempt:

Let’s see how that looks…

More information about Keith Taylor Simple Org Chart 1 screenshot

Keith Taylor Simple Org Chart screenshot – first attempt

Oh! it shows at the top, not where I placed the orgchart shortcode. No worries. As you can see from the screenshot, it’s exactly what it promises – Simple Org Chart. I’ll play around, and see if I can build the team.

[FX: Pause for Playtime]

You can see that my first attempt at a Simple Org Chart is less than inspiring. Don’t blame the Simple Org Chart Plugin – I never took time to upload images. The main reason was because I didn’t have Social Login Plugin setup for this blog. So, I set the settings I wanted, and Social Login pulled in the profile images that you will see in a moment. Because of this, I will not use the image upload feature in Simple Org Chart on this website. It might be useful for my non-networked websites.

Now for the 2nd attempt at a Simple Org Chart. I wonder how it looks with a Featured Image on the page…

[orgchart] December 2019 Update – Now that I use MindMup extensively, I’ve removed the Simple Org Chart Plugin. Accordingly, this page is now being updated. So you can track progress on the page update at Introducing My Organisation Chart Status Page.

I’m going to leave it like as is. I entered the orgchart shortcode just above here. But, I can see that the plugin always adds it to the beginning of page content. I dont know if that’s the design intention, or a programming issue.

I like the simplicity and ease-of use. Though, I think a few changes to instructions, and better screenshots in the Plugin Repository would make it even easier to use. There are issues:

  • On MultiSite, adding an existing user ignores the custom elements added to the Add Existing User form. I have not tried the Add New User form yet.
  • You cannot amend an existing Simple Org Chart. When you change the chart, it starts from scratch.
  • Clicking the live chart gives an ugly popup showing extracted text from the User’s Bio field. Where the user has posts, I would prefer a link to the Author Page.
  • The chart is not truly responsive. Screen size changes simply adjust the space between users.
  • Chart placement is always top of page.

I’ve looked at the other Org Chart plugins from This one is the best.

Now, I can reorganise my troops.

I’ve got 2 pages of handwritten scrawl to decipher and post as meaningful tasks and explanations. Now I can see who I must assign those tasks to. It’s been a fruitful day so far with strategies for:

  1. Eliminating noise from bbPress RSS feeds, which should make forum update emails better.
  2. Blocking poor quality forum discussions from search engines.
  3. Researching better alternatives to WooCommerce.
  4. Improving and standardising log in experience throughout my network.
  5. Humanizing website project instructions at Shrewdies Learning.
  6. Better Feedback routines to respected Plugin and Theme authors using Favorites.
  7. Snippet coding for Organisations, People, and Websites throughout my network, starting here.
  8. Clarifying forum objectives and procedures in human language. Joint projects starting with Shrewdies, then GoutPal.
  9. Refining organisation roles, with set times for handover “meetings”.

They are in no particular order. Except, the last one is why I’ve written this. Lots to do tomorrow.

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