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Keith Taylor Travels is all about my holidays. I’ll cover everything, from planning, to post-holiday blues. Though it’s personal, my whole life is built around my principle of “Do what I enjoy. Then, find ways to make enough money from what I do.”

That is why this blog explains about my ‘earning while learning’ life. So, some of this will be earning while playing.

Introducing Keith Taylor Travels

I’ll now refer to Keith Taylor Travels as ktt. It replaces t2g (Travels of 2 Gentlemen). In my last post, I mentioned I would revert back to that website if ktt proves successful. I guess, the name won’t apply. Although the ‘Time 2 Go’ interpretation would still apply. Anyway, with so little content, it will be easy to rename.

The time for my first trip is getting rapidly nearer. And, I have the festive season to distract me. I didn’t finish documenting my planning stages. The trip is fully planned and paid for. I just need to organise some dollars to spend. But, my other admin task is summarising accommodation and internal travel costs. I’ve paid some, and my travel companion (TC) paid for others. But, we’re splitting these 50-50, so we need to make adjustments.

Travel costs are complicated on this trip. Some costs are pounds, and others dollars. Everything has come from my bank in sterling, so that’s the currency I’ll use. Consequently, there’s an interesting topic for a future travel blog article. What is the real rate of exchange when banks incur foreign currency processing fees?
USA South East Trip Map

USA Trip Cost Summary

Resort Expense Dollars     Pounds     Bank Fee     £Total
Raleigh NC Accommodation
Raleigh to Charlotte Amtrak (dc) $56.42 £47.98 £1.25 £49.23
Charlotte NC Accommodation (pp) £226 £226.00
Charlotte to Atlanta Greyhound (dc) $43.05 £36.52 £1.25 £37.77
Atlanta GA Accommodation
Atlanta to Birmingham Amtrak (dc) $66.00 £56.13 £1.25 £57.38
Birmingham AL Accommodation (pp) £197 £197.00
Birmingham to Jackson Greyhound (dc) $55.70 £47.24 £1.25 £48.49
Jackson MS Accommodation
Jackson to New Orleans Amtrak (dc) $44.00 £37.42 £1.25 £38.67
New Orleans LA Accommodation (cc) £277 £277.00
New Orleans to Washington Flight (pp)      $101.10 £85.56 £85.56
Washington DC Accommodation
Washington to Raleigh Amtrak (dc) $99.90 £84.95 £1.25 £86.20
Raleigh NC Accommodation (pp) £216 £216.00
Total USA Travel & Accommodation $466.17       £1311.80       £7.50 £1319.30

That’s it! I know the column alignment is bad. And, format is not mobile friendly. But there’s no return from investing more time. So, version 1 of my USA trip cost summary is complete. I’ll add TC’s costs and non-shared costs in later versions.

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