I spend my working life on the Internet. And, lots of my personal life too.

That first sentence is important. So far in 2016, I have worked exclusively on the Internet. No other part time jobs to boost my income. I enjoy learning. And, I enjoy using my knowledge to help others.

In my personal life, I use the Internet for shopping, banking, entertainment, travel, and some social activities.

I believe the Internet is a useful tool. It helps me improve my quality of life. But, there are pitfalls. It is full of people with their own agendas. Many of those agendas include exploiting others. I want to provide a safe haven on the Internet. A community where people can learn and earn.

Internet Help Stories

My current title for this website is Keith Taylor’s Internet Help Stories. The Internet is where I work and play. Help is what I do. My stories form my personal blog here. Those sections form the menus at the top of each page. I intend to formalise aspects of my Internet Authorship on this website. But, that is a project for another year. For 2016, I am using this website to start a hub that collects all my Internet publications and profiles.

In my personal blog, I write about developing KeČaTa – Keith Taylor’s Internet Community. I occasionally write about some personal stuff. It’s quite random. As you read it, you will see lots of aspects of my Internet life. You are welcome to join me at any time.

Unlike my other websites, Keith Taylor’s Internet Help Stories is not here to teach you about anything. There’s no fixed starting point. Just follow links.

Many of my websites have search engines. They cover a single website, or a group of websites. I don’t have a comprehensive search engine for all my websites, yet. But, you can follow links to all KeČaTa websites in the sidebar. If you want me to give higher priority to a KeČaTa community search engine, please add your comments to KeČaTa Community Search needed.

Internet Life image

How do you enjoy Internet Life?

If you want personal help with any aspect of the Internet, please use my Internet Learning Forum For Shrewdies, Not For Dummies.

Keith Taylor’s Internet: Document History

Date Revision
Sep 30, 2016 (first archive). First Published, with Title: Internet.
Sep 30, 2016 (archive). Added notes about Keith Taylor’s Internet Help Stories, and other clarifications. Added link to Internet Learning Forum.

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