Was Sunday 15th May 2016 the day that launched Shrewdies as a popular brand? Or, was it the final nail in the coffin that broke Shrewdies forever?

I spent most of Saturday refining my Strategic Review Spring 2016. I knew I had to get working on Shrewdies websites immediately. I had to refocus and reverse the years of stop-start development. I struggled during Sunday morning. I used the following journal to try collect my thoughts and push Shrewdies forward. Strategically, I was ready to relaunch my Technology Division. But, as I moved to process the pages, the Kepithany began.

First, here’s the Journal I started during yesterday. If you want to skip my Journal, please read about my Kepithany.

15th May 2016 Journal

In Which Headline Analyser For Best Advice?, I wrote around the topic of headline checker. It occurred in my Google Search Page Analysis for this website. There are 2 more CloudFlare related topics to write about (cloudflare wordfence and cloudflare asn). I should publish those topics at Shrewdies.com. However, all the numbers are telling me to get old content reviewed on that website. Shrewdies.com has evolved through several re-organisations during it’s life. Coupled with technology guidelines that are no longer relevant, this is urgent.

I’m tempted to go for a clean sweep. To a certain extent, I am going to be ruthless with old content. But, more importantly, I need a framework for adding new content. It can evolve to match revealing keywords. Topic titles are not the issue. I need a framework for Internet Service Support Guidelines.

The starting point has to be the purpose of Shrewdies. It has changed several times, but was always loosely based on some form of online business. I think the lack of success is due to unclear purpose. Now that my online community is developing, the purpose of Shrewdies has changed.

Shrewdies now exists to support my online community members. There are 3 types of members:

  • KeČaTa Members using existing forums and related support services.
  • KeČaTa Members who want to develop, or share, their own WordPress websites.
  • WordPress Clients of Keith Taylor.

The first group should get support at kecata.com. However, where this involves technical issues, KeČaTa should resolve those in Shrewdies Internet Support Network. Therefore, as well as providing WordPress website support (Shrewdies.net), Shrewdies gives general guidance on the principles involved (Shrewdies.com).

At this point, my brain started to ache. I had to think. Then, what I now call my Kepithany happened.


A Kepithany is when Keith has an epiphany. During these realisations, I feel new connections of ideas. Rarely original thought for mankind, but new thoughts for me. If I try to record them electronically, the technology seems to block my thoughts. I’ve tried mind maps, as these should allow me to flow through ideas and try different connections. Maybe I’ll master that one day. For now, only pencil and paper can let a Kepithany happen.

Through my life, I’ve had several of these scribbling sessions. Only today they got a name. I rarely (never?) have original thoughts. But, I’m very good at seeing how the ideas of other people can be applied to help solve problems. Let me explain how this Kepithany happened.

A Kepithany usually has more than one aspect.

The Sector Kepithany

It started with the Division plan from Strategic Review Spring 2016. I don’t like that word in this context. Too corporate. Too divisive. I wondered if Sector is better than Division.

I thought about the evolution of kecata.com. It’s my virtual world. An inherently social space. Where sectors evolve as people perform. It provides the wherewithal to let my vision work. What do people need when they make their living online?

As I thought about re-positioning Shrewdies.com, I knew it must be a reference resource. I knew it must be personal to visitors. I thought of People Powered Learning.

But, how can Shrewdies develop best so that it supports KeČaTa?

As well as learning, people need a vocation. At the moment, my Internet presence is health-focussed. I’ve already decided to create separate clusters of my websites for management purposes. But, I couldn’t make my Technology Division fit. How can that relate to People Powered Learning? I knew that, if I was struggling to make Shrewdies websites fit into my plan, the plan was wrong. I began to rethink my strategy.

I had to rethink the division plan.

The What is kecata.com Kepithany photo

Structure Kepithany 1: What is kecata.com?

And so, the division-naming dilemma was solved.

In the world of KeČaTa, ideas are encouraged. Naturally they collect together. Maybe a collection of members form a forum. That Covey grows to need it’s own Cranny and starts a website. Websites connect and grow together. Separate management is sensible, so Cranny Collections become Nooks. In KeČaTa, Divisions are now called Nooks.

The Naming of KeČaTa Divisions Kepithany photo

Structure Kepithany 1: KeČaTa Division becomes KeČaTa Nook

That puts Shrewdies firmly into the KeČaTa Reference Nook. It doesn’t achieve much as far as publishing web content is concerned. But, it lays the foundation for fantastic fortune. Or is the next Kepithany a change too far.

The Shrewdies Kepithany

Simply this. I named Shrewdies after an idea for dummies. I understand the logic behind targeting people who feel dumb when faced with unknown concepts. But, the first step to learning is accepting that you do not know. I intended Shrewdies as an online equivalent to “Internet and Business For Dummies”. Not plagiarism, but step-by-step help with topics that need more than a 3-paragraph explanation.

Along the way, my concept got corrupted. Bad SEO advice sent me off-track. Now I understand that QEO and VEO rule over SEO, I feel it’s time to start again. The only doubt I have is if I should delete the existing Shrewdies websites, and start again from scratch.

I’ve decided to evolve what I’ve got. So now, my priority for the KeČaTa Learning Nook is to develop the Shrewdies Cranny Collection:

Facts For Shrewdies
Shrewdies.com is a free-to-access reference resource. It is financed by advertising and commissions. I will make it the primary KeČaTa funding source.
Learning For Shrewdies
Shrewdies.org is the heart of People Powered Learning. It features forums, courses, and other projects, with the main aim of improving Facts For Shrewdies.
Vocations For Shrewdies
Shrewdies.net links learning with vocation. You can create YourNook.Shrewdies.net, alone or collaboratively. You can fund your lifestyle, support good causes, or just learn for fun. It is a free resource, that I might enhance with paid service additions. It can fill gaps at Facts For Shrewdies, or support Shrewdies.com with different perspectives.
The Shrewdies Cranny Collection Kepithany photo

Shrewdies Kepithany: The Shrewdies Nook Revealed

Insight or Insanity?

Is this the making of Shrewdies as a powerhouse Internet Resource? Or is it a moment of madness that will kill the Shrewdies brand before it happens?

Time, and the Wayback Machine, will tell.

Posted by Keith Taylor

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  1. Speaking of the Wayback Machine, here’s my original first Kepithany: http://web.archive.org/web/20160516121202/http://keith.1drous.me/insight-or-insanity/

    As expected, Google says:

    Showing results for Epiphany
    No results found for Kepithany

    Oi Google! It’s Keith’s epiphany – Kepithany

    The Wayback Machine also has several versions of Shrewdies.com. The latest pre-Kepithany version is: http://web.archive.org/web/20160304233535/http://shrewdies.com/

    There’s a lot of content to change and extend. I’ve done a barebones look’n’feel update: http://web.archive.org/web/20160516122138/http://shrewdies.com/

    I’m doing more after lunch.

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