I help people on the Internet. And, I help myself. I love Internet Learning, and Self-Help.

Even before my Internet days, I loved to teach office technology and accounting. I loved to learn how new software worked. How it could best be used to improve office productivity. Then, I loved teaching it to other people. But, my favourite part of that time was helping people when they got stuck. Teaching, to me, isn’t a few facts to teach and forget. It’s consulting beforehand to find the right lessons. It’s supporting afterwards to ensure the lessons produce results.

These days, forums and content publishing are easy to manage on the Internet. Every day, I learn new facts, ideas, and procedures. Every day, I help other people to learn the same. I create online help communities where people love to learn.

My help services started with myself. I created a website to teach myself about a health problem. That soon expanded to healthy eating and nutrition. Then, I realized my methods can be adapted to help anyone about anything.

Though that sounds like a straightforward progression, it has not been. Currently, I’m reorganising old websites to help people better. And, I’m introducing new websites to help people more. I now use my forums, and associated facts and lessons, to provide three types of help:

  • Anonymous Help.
  • Casual Help.
  • Structured Help.

These are all free, open services. People can stop and start using them as they think fit. There is no contractual commitment. However, I am beginning to explore ideas about rewarding people who freely commit time to my projects. I use an advertising and commission model to fund my help services. Therefore, as I improve my model, I will share rewards where appropriate. Ultimately, I hope to create a safe environment where people can learn and earn as I do.

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Internet learning and earning is fun!

In my new model, teaching ideas start with People Powered Learning. As interest grows, I create subject areas there. So, you will see Internet Learning. I have an idea related to Travel, but we will see how that goes.

Often, ideas in the Learning Forum generate sufficient interest to generate new websites. Currently, I have my GoutPal Gout Community, Healthy Eating, and my KeČaTa WordPress Community. Other Help Communities will follow, as interest grows.

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