This is my third hello to the world, and I’m happy to be saying it from the latest member of Keith Taylor Network Sites.

It’s my personal hub, my business hub, and my social hub. Quite what that means, remains to be seen. It’s related to authorship and credibility. How do you establish your persona when most of your work life, and a significant portion of your personal life, grows on the Internet? There are fragments of me all over this place, so here I tie them together.

It’s also my autobiography. Not in the traditional sense of a timeline of achievements. In keeping with many of my web projects, my biography will appear organically and randomly. I’m not attempting a full biography. As significant events happen, and as I remember other significant events, I’ll document them here.

Just a bit of fun, really. But, serious at times.

Better have a picture. It’s the latest one I’ve been using recently. It’s a year old today!

Keith Taylor 2014 Photo

Keith Taylor 2014 Photo

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