Today, I spent most of my time reorganising my three food-related websites.

Of course, I’m wondering why I ever created three different sites. When one would have been sufficient. But that’s me – greedy!

Over the years I got different ideas as I learnt more about nutrition. But each idea didn’t seem to fit with Then with difficulties in concentration, I gave up on trying to sort it out last year.

Now I’m really pleased to see how I can push all three food websites forward. In ways that should complement each other.

Food Websites Reorganisation

I’m looking forward to…

ALKAscore, EFSEP, and Foodary in Harmony

I say “looking forward” because this is just a plan for now. Actually, the beginnings of a plan. But it gives me something to do for a few weeks. Specifically, move content where it needs to be and add new content in the right places. Also, of course, the admin pages need updating (or starting!). To tell visitors what the sites are about and how to use them.

But I’m happy to have made a start. Because I can now see how ALKAscore will work. Starting with LAKE Food Screener Scoring Principles.

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