Today could be a day to continue improving my admin routines. Or, it could just be a day to get on with some outstanding tasks.

So long as it results in improving website content, it doesn’t matter.

While I was thinking about that, I took a distracted look at my KeČaTa Community Search Analysis. Getting three target keywords without trying was too much. I had to celebrate with Fast Not Furious WordPress Hosting. That combines two topics, and I started a draft post for the third.

It’s interesting! KeČaTa is naturally focussed on the function it performs: Fast Safe Managed WordPress Hosting at KeČaTa. After 48 pages, it’s generating meaningful traffic. This website, as a personal blog, is deliberately unfocussed. It has less potential website traffic, less actual website traffic, and fewer engaged website visitors. That is not to say one is better than the other. But, if you want the best traffic growth, focus on a small number of topics. You will grow faster from there, as more visitors tell you what is important.

I digress.

Evolving Task Priorities

What I’d like to do today, is program some priority lists for the groups of tasks I’ve identified.

The trouble with programming is, it rarely builds content. OK, I can write about technical problems that I’ve overcome. But, that doesn’t tackle two serious content issues:

  • GoutPal desperately needs content streams that match different user groups.
  • Shrewdies sites need old website content redirecting to KeČaTa, or republishing as general lessons.

I think it has to start with prioritising the priorities! I now have a good basic approach to priorities. It’s all about allocating time fairly between users, admin, and quality.

User Tasks:

  • Respond to new forum posts.
  • Respond to comments.
  • Respond to new Helpdesk tickets and responses.

But, what about backlog? User or admin?

Admin Tasks:

  • Website security checks.
  • IP address monitoring.
  • Email responses.

Quality Tasks:

  • Quality website checks.
  • Suggestion/ideas/task processing.

So, maybe, backlog becomes a set time allocation for now. In I thought about prioritising based on AdSense. This has to have a very limited influence. Detailed Income improvement can be someone’s job once 1% income increase will pay someone a months wages. But, where 28 day performance reveals poor performance, I can change some priorities on Quality Tasks. Then, the daily task list becomes simpler. Mornings doing User, Admin, and Backlog, plus Website Quality Checks. Afternoons processing tasks.

Only program open priority task list once backlog is cleared. It’s relatively easy to process open tasks, as they are now forum based. Other processes create tasks. Then, close tasks as they are cleared, with link to new/upgraded content.

Tasks Prioritised photo

How do you prioritise tasks? Chair first!

Unfinished Tasks

There is one task that I have cleared, but not documented today. An unfinished task for tomorrow is to add a forum topic to Shrewdies. I don’t think it’s worth a lesson. The task is Fix broken update to Archiver Plugin.

Now, I’m doing as much as I can to create individual group posts for Which Gout Group Am I In. I need to review my first draft, and publish it.

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  1. Task priorities are evolving. I am now using my browser bookmarks bar to identify daily priorities.

    Priorities include:
    TASKS – a bookmarks folder for things I didn’t finish. This stops me keeping too many browser pages open. I edit the title in uppercase with WHAT I NEED TO FINISH.
    1Forum – I start by responding to forum posts.

    Now, I’m evolving the other bookmarks folders. The key is to group admin tasks then management tasks by job. And, focus on getting background info (helpdesk & email) out to published content ASAP.

    • Part of process is to develop public learning/vocation tasks. Then, I can do them where there are no takers. Explanations within KeČaTa Community. And, opportunities throughout, with links back to explanations. This might be a good way to bring Search Analysis and other prompts for action into a formal system. It seems like the Idea forums could be the best way to manage this.

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