QEO Evolving mindmap

QEO Evolving mindmap is my featured image for Evolving QEO.

QEO Evolving mindmap details

Evolving QEO (HTML output from MindfMup).

  • WHAT: Part of VEO
  • WHY: How should QEO evolve?
    • 1. Ideas happen
      • Life
      • Discussions/Comments
      • Forums
      • Query Analysis
    • 2. Flyer content on Ideas
      • Often grouped around a UserGroup or Foundation Subject
        Groups and Foundations should have discussions
    • 3. Traffic hints at Bait
      Refine Flyer or publish new Bait
    • 4. Bait dies, or becomes target, or forms bait/target collection
      Collections are interrelated topics with no single clear target, but sufficient aggregate traffic.

      • Emerging, growing, or history?
        These are important parts of the Story.
  • HOW: Stages
    • Flyer
    • Bait
      Flyer with focus
    • Target
      Bait with traffic

      • Targets often need hierarchy.
        Does new target fit an existing hierarchy?
    • Market
      Maintain traffic for
      Page or Collection
      Includes SEO
  • WHEN: Daily/Weekly Routines
    • SEO Low Duration
      • Kill or Improve?
        • Kill
        • Improve
    • SEO Cull Wooly Mammoths
    • SEO Page 7 day
      Imp>Threshold but low CTR

      • Is it Fact/Target/Bait/Flyer?
        Details determine how page should be improved.
    • SEO Query 7 day
      Emerging Collections and Hierarchies
      Evolve, Ignore, or
      Spawn (new project)

      • This can’t work without Target (Hierarchy) Plan!

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