QEO = Questions, Experiences, and Opinions. QEO is a significant part of VEO – Visitor Experience Optimisation. SEO is a small part of QEO.

My first successful website grew from my own questions, experiences, and opinions about a health problem I discovered I had. That has grown into a a fine project. But, the early years were marred by my over-reliance on SEO. I learned from that. I learned that successful websites must be audience driven. Optimising the visitor experience is in the DNA of successful websites. I proved that when I applied my early thoughts to Foodary.

Trouble is, I did that project in private. It’s not well-documented. But, the principles are easy. Fundamentally, you don’t take the SEO option of analysing other peoples historic traffic. You evolve from your own current traffic. SEO tries to look forward by exploiting search engines. VEO looks forward by satisfying visitors.

It’s exciting to see traffic emerge and evolve from ideas. It’s perfectly possible to continue the organic approach. You do not have to impose structure on your website. But, you do have to optimise your visitors needs. What if query analysis shows poor attraction rates? What if traffic analysis shows poor engagement? That implies you are failing your potential and actual visitors. For me, that means I have to act.

I have to analyse responses to content that I publish. I have to improve the content that evolves from QEO. This is how I do it. I’m documenting it here, to encourage better administration routines. I have a tendency to play about with numbers. That means looking at all my AdSense, Analytics, and Search Console reports. I spend too much time doing that, at a cost of lost content.

That’s part of the distraction of bad SEO habits. In reality, the only numbers that matter are:

  • Audience size. Potential visitors, AKA footfall.
  • Audience CTR. How relevant is my offer? How many passers-by will call in?
  • Visitor engagement. How long do visitors stay?

There’s a couple of red herrings for me. AdSense Page Views, and Analytics Sessions Count. They can be relevant for money-chasing. But, that’s a boring job, I’d rather pay someone else to do. More importantly, history tells me that caring for my audience numbers will allow revenue to look after itself. For the money-obsessed, there’s a valid logic to that. Do you spend 10 hours finding a 10% increase in revenue? Or, do you spend 10 hours finding a 5% increase in engaged visitors?

Everyone has a different answer. I believe the increased visitor engagement leads to a stronger chance of continuing success. But all this is moving away from Evolving QEO. The overview is big, and it’s here. A Kepithany in a mindmap for a change.

QEO Evolving mindmap

How Questions, Experiences, and Opinions evolve in a successful website.

As you can see, most of this depends on efficient ways to implement a hierarchy, or plan for target queries. I’ll expand the details at Shrewdies and KeČaTa.

Evolving QEO: Document History

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Sep 27, 2016 (first archive). First Published.

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