The main problem with my online support plans, so far, is lack of structure. Simply put, potential users of the service are put off. They are not sure how to start. And, they don’t know what’s expected of them.

At my last attempt, I tried to give too much, too soon.

There has to be an introduction phase. A getting-to-know-you phase. Then, the ongoing phases require commitment on both sides to keep posting. Specifically, I want at least two extra contributions before I progress the project.

Starting today, I’m going to use my websites as typical support clients at Shrewdies Internet Support. This is so I can manage each Cranny, without having to add notes. Everything should be as open as possible, including Cranny development.

The contractual premise is that client has certain obligations to start the support process. Then, certain continuing obligations to maintain ongoing support. Yesterday’s prioritisation of tasks will come into play. Fundamentally, support clients who engage most with the community will get fastest support. And, they can always see where their support requests rank.

So, Shrewdies Website Support forum is the personal part of Internet Learning. Any website owner can apply. They must supply information:

  • Which Internet User Group?
  • Which website host?
  • Which target market (including country/group of countries)?
  • Purpose of project?
  • Project essential information (for some types of project that are offered as standard).

Information can be specific answer, or reason why you cannot give an answer. My response to application is to be as helpful as possible. I will create a subforum with an application topic, and edit information as it becomes available. I will indicate the next step, and what information is still required to start the project.

I will also create a “Contribution Summary Topic”. That basically says “you must reply to this topic to summarize what you have done to earn responses”. It should give links to overview. Importantly, it should suggest activities that are most relevant to the specific project.

“Unanswered Questions Topic”. Again, led by me, from existing discussions.

When application is accepted, create a “Project Status Topic”. This is the guide through the PROSPRA process. It includes relevant Personal/Business Facts. Events can be posted as replies, which I summarise in a timeline.

Helpdesk Ticket
I’m stuck (and other feedback). Always best to use forum. So, include an explanation why you can’t use the forum.
Support Request
Just like a normal new topic. But, make sure there is a clear question that can be answered.
Support Project/Plan
More than one inter-related question.

Once all those principles come together, including Task Prioritisation, I introduce Personal Management Plans for GoutPal. To emphasize the newness, I will relaunch it as GoutPal’s Consulting Room.

Online Website Project Schedule image

Do you prefer your project schedules online?

Shrewdies Website Project Forum

I’ve launched Shrewdies Website Support Projects. So, tomorrow, I can start a project or two.

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