After a shit week, I’m having a great day.

Personally, this is a momentous blog post for me. That’s momentous, as a reflection of my ideas, this morning. It’s not momentous enough, vocationally, to review and polish it. So, you might need to read it more than once, to see why I’m so excited about evolving freedom.

Short History

I got the runs last weekend. But I had an unmissable family party last Sunday. So, I took the blockers that I once swore never to touch again. I’ve felt ill all week, especially with stomach cramps and other symptoms that have destroyed my sleep patterns.

Though tired yesterday, I felt physically well enough to do the gift shopping that I needed to do. My determination was boosted by the fact that the biggest purchase was a gift to me. A Chromebook to replace my ageing laptop. A vital part of Keith Taylor Travels.

Technical Freedom

For a long time, I’ve been following the principles of Office 2.0. So, I’ve been moving all my information and applications into the Cloud. Technically, that gives me the freedom to work anywhere in the world. Though, obviously, I’m a slave to Internet access.

The last time I got new office technology was my ageing laptop. I remember how much easier it was than previous computer replacements. My data was on Dropbox and Google Drive, so no horrendous data file transfer. Most of my Windows applications are portable on Dropbox. But, there are still applications to install, and configurations to tweak. Each successive computer replacement has got easier and easier for me. But, Windows still makes it a chore. This time, I decided to ditch the desktop, and let Chrome OS into my life.

So I bought a Chromebook. Switched it on. Entered my Google username. That’s it!

Technical freedom achieved, I spent hours playing with my new toy business tool. That led to some solid sleep that makes me believe my sleep patterns are restored.

Technical Freedom photo

This is what Technical Freedom looks like

Evolving Freedom

I just had a realisation about what the next phase of my life is all about. Before I explain it, remember my motto for life:

“Do what I enjoy. Then, find ways to make enough money from what I do.”

I’ve known, for a long time, the second sentence can be a chore. Occasionally a stressful burden. As I thought about organising my online presence, it soon became clear that I should focus the money side of my online life separately from enjoyment. I started the process in Introducing My Organisation Chart. I intended my “Keith Charlie Taylor” persona to be my business side.

With my new view on Internet access, I started to organise this in detail. Using Windows, I’d happily swap between user accounts, as I progressed different tasks. I knew that, to be efficient, there was little point in trying to emulate Windows behaviour. I wasted a little time looking at Firefox on Chromebook. Then, I realised it was time for a fresh start. I needed to identify the login needs from my Organisation Chart.

As I started, the thought of freedom struck me. What if I hand the task “find ways to make enough money” to someone else? In fact, my immediate thought was to hand it to my online community. It’s not actually a new thought. But, in my unfettered technical environment, true economic freedom is reachable. To me, that means “enough money” without even thinking what is enough. A monkish ideal! But, with freedom from ecclesiastical claptrap.

I can’t wait to discuss that with my friend, Peter. But, wait I must, as there’s work to be done, and festivities to be enjoyed.

My Evolving Freedom

Gaining technical freedom was a joy for me. As a platform for personal economic freedom, I’m excited about the possibilities. Serendipitously, technical freedom encouraged me to think of better ways to organise tasks. I know I spend far too much time prioritising tasks than actually doing them. Most of my blog posts this year address that. So, I hope this is a new base to make 2017 an exceptionally good year.

The best I can hope for, is to be a better example of personal achievement and happiness. In the hope, that I encourage others to gain their own personal economic freedom.

Your Evolving Freedom

If anything you read here raises questions in your mind, push those thoughts to your fingertips. Then type them in one of my forums. There’s something for everyone, as you can see from my website list in the sidebar.

If questions are personal to you, and you are new to my Internet help, use my task list. I run that list to help me organise my tasks. But, your requests always take priority.

If your questions are more general, use Shrewdies Learning Forum.

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