A few nights ago, I got a brilliant response to my plea for a social network diplomat. Unexpected, but very welcome.

Now, I’d better lay down some ground rules. Otherwise, this could end up very messy.

At a formal level, any diplomacy should be bound to KeČaTa. But, there will always be informal advocates who want to spread the word. So, I need to start with ‘Diplomatic Ranks’. I’m uncertain about terminology. But, it’s best to just start this. Then, when more diplomats are onboard, we can debate names, if it’s important. More importantly, we can discuss the rewards that contributors want. Then, implement procedures to record the earning and distribution of those rewards.

KeČaTa Diplomatic Ranks

Informally, people link to websites because they want to. So, the first level might be called Advocate, or Supporter. These are unknown at first. Gradually, I become aware of them, and recognise them as Promoters, or Fans. At this stage, names are only ideas – basically, everyone who spreads the word is an Advocate.

Formally, there’s a range of things that people can do to spread organised messages. Here are some suggestions about rank names:

Messenger who is a KeČaTa member.
Advocate who is a KeČaTa member
Member who uses the myCred affiliate link.
Affiliate who wants admin responsibility. There’s a ? because I might have used this in a learning context. This context needs to be more vocational. Apprentice suggests vocation (i.e. learning a vocation). Therefore, if I have used it for learning, that needs to be changed to Student, or similar.
Agent, Envoy, Counselor, Minister
These, and similar, for different advocacy levels. Also need to think about reward choices. Ŧallars might be used to allocate some rewards (part of network at different levels). Others could be own reward links (independent).
One step below business partner.

Online Advocacy imageAt the moment, we only have affiliate links to URLs. To reward new members, would need custom integration with OneAll Social Login. But, a more relevant reward is for affiliates to get a percent of their recruits. Initial research suggests this might be achievable using Ranks (probably with customisation). And, that still leaves the problem of how we track recruits.

Best to keep it simple. Allocate rewards for:

  1. Content Building.
  2. Advocacy.
  3. Site Activity.

Site activity points should roughly equal membership fees. But, websites need to be much busier before this can be reviewed.

Additionally, there are transfers, as a way of saying thank you.

Once people have built up points, what do they want to do with them? There should be opportunities for barter here. Approach potential advertisers to supply vouchers instead of paying Google. Offer free website as incentive. Members can swap points for vouchers. When network is busier, we can introduce a cash option, but minimum payout has to apply to justify payment processing costs. There’s also a myCred lottery addition that might work.

To get things started, I need to promote the concept of Paying Forward. Advocacy is just a small part of that. The main reason for becoming a member is to post in the forum. That alone is a great way of paying forward. It’s a brave act to ask the questions that thousands of others want to ask.

Always Pay It Forward image

Remember, Always Pay it Forward and Never Forget to Pay it Back…it’s how you got here and it defines where you’re going.

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