Economics of Credible Controlled Diversity is not aimed at any specific audience. I’m collecting my thoughts about earning whilst learning. Specifically, I’m putting a new spin on Controlled Diversity At Last.

My primary purpose is building a learning network. If money wasn’t an issue, I’d focus purely on that, and forget about revenue generation. Or, make revenue for worthy causes. But, making money online is important to me for three reasons:

  1. I need to have enough money to live.
  2. I want to show people that it is possible to earn money online as a real alternative to daily commuting.
  3. I want to prove my own credibility.

Economic Diversity Online

Most of us work a single job. Some people take an extra job to top-up their earnings. There is also a crofting tradition of having several income sources that vary through the year. That third option is the type I prefer:

  1. It’s most in keeping with my philosophy. Do what you enjoy, then find a way to make income from it.
  2. It shows the strength of diversity. If one income stream fails, diversity gives more opportunity to fill the gap.

So, most of my recent musings here have focused on diversity. But, I’ve put website traffic growth far ahead of monetization. So far ahead, that there’s a risk I could fail to retain my current financial independence.

I need to reformulate my priorities. I’m happy living on little. But, it does make it difficult to show that online working is a respectable way to earn money. I need to give more time to economic growth. It’s too early for specific growth plans at the moment. That can be a job for someone who likes financial planning. My less-structured way is to allocate about one-third of my time growing income. I’ll also devote one-third to maintenance time. That leaves a final third of my time for audience growth.

Financial Credibility photo

Will diversity bring economic credibility?

Economics of Credible Controlled Diversity

So, it’s time to change daily routines to reflect my new time division.

I’ve already improved maintenance scheduling. I need to enhance my daily schedule to become:

  1. Process login security records.
  2. Complete 2-3 security and quality checks. Quality check to include Adsense traffic and revenue (28 day comparison).
  3. Promote any falling AdSense Estimated Earnings sites (7 day comparison).
  4. Promote lowest AdSense Estimated Earnings website (7 day comparison).
  5. Check Forums.
  6. Process Helpdesks.
  7. Process emails with earning opportunities.
  8. Promote any falling AdSense Page Views sites (7 day comparison).
  9. Promote lowest AdSense Estimated Page Views website (7 day comparison).
  10. Process emails with learning content.
  11. Process Next Priority from Sites Scheduler (1 review, 1 publish, 1 lowest hours).
  12. Process low CTR targets from Group Analysis (new procedure to define).
  13. Process any other email – stop email if no growth opportunities.

That looks like more than a single day’s work. I’ll run with it for a few weeks to see if it’s best to:

  • Make the procedure a 2/3 day cycle.
  • Or, extend the number of processes to make it a weekly cycle.

I also need to combine AdSense reporting with other income sources. Then, I can maximize diversity by seeking multiple income sources for every website.

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  1. First management task log template started:

    Network Management Tasks

    Log Started: 26 Jun 2016.
    Wordfence Authorized Access emails: 9 records added to Learning Wordfence with CloudFlare.
    Approved Internet Service Providers: Now administered at [July 2017]. Along with bad and unverified ISPs.
    Wordfence Blocked IP Address emails: records added to Learning WordPress Security Threats with Wordfence & CloudFlare.
    Website Quality Checks: quality check websites from Sites Scheduler logged in Website Profiles including Health Checks.
    AdSense Sites Falling Estimated Earnings: websites identified for falling 7-day earnings. Actions logged at: [].
    AdSense Sites Lowest Estimated Earnings: Website [] promotion logged at: [].
    Forums Responses: [list forums updated].
    Helpdesk Responses: [list helpdesks updated, especially Solutions added/amended]. SiteMaps updated.
    Earning Opportunity emails: [log format to be decided].
    AdSense Sites Falling Page Views: websites identified for falling 7-day traffic. Actions logged at: [].
    AdSense Sites Lowest Page Views: Website [] promotion logged at: [].
    Learning Opportunity emails: [log format to be decided].
    Next Content Review: [link revised or replaced content].
    Next New Content: [link to new content].
    Lowest Reading Time: [link to new content].
    Group CTR Improvements: webpages revised: [list].
    Email review: unproductive emails stopped.
    Log Completed:

    • I never completed this first task list! My analysis is:
      – Too complicated.
      – Has lost user focus.
      – Puts wrong emphasis on financial favourites.

      Revenue comes from:

      – More content.
      – More products/resources with revenue links.
      – Performance review of products/resources.

      Therefore, I need to create a new task list process that prioritises:

      1 Users – forums including welcome pack. Where none, create suggestions/discussions.
      2 Unfinished business (any important incomplete tasks). Especially publish yesterday’s blog and start today’s.
      3 Website Security Checks and access records processing.
      4 Helpdesk including solutions update.
      5 Product creation and price/availability checks on oldest resources (A).
      6 Website Quality Checks (A).
      7 Websites Scheduler: content creation and oldest content review (A).
      8 Email: label it by nook if it can’t be unsubscribed. Try to include personal email on blog.

      Daily AdSense review can influence priorities for (A) tasks. Priority 1 and 2 should be daily. Schedule mornings to rotate Priority 3-6 and scan/label email (unsub/nook). Afternoons prioritised by Websites Scheduler. Final hour for email processing and blog. Apply daily nook rotation to Checks, Helpdesk and Scheduler – if financials are more important then add extra vocation day. Or, choose daily nook according to AdSense review. Move towards creating daily revenue by nook report to include all income streams.

      If financial performance drives nook priority, then it must be based on 28-day performance.

  2. I got a lovely phone call as I was working through my new Network Management Tasks list. I was working on AdSense Sites Falling Estimated Earnings, when I needed to book a train. That led to me Looking for UK Rail Ticket Bargains (archive). OK, that’s spending rather than earning. But, at least, I managed a little cash back. Serendipitously, when I searched for an image for that post, my little electronic piggy bank got fed! 😀

    It’s only pennies, but it always makes me 😀

    And, it’s the start of my long-imagined game. I’ve named it Qmee Bonuses for now. I wonder how far that game will go? ❓

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