I’ve done a few posts about, or mentioning “Controlled Diversity”.

My goal is to maintain sustainable income with Economics of Credible Controlled Diversity. In a nutshell, I need diversity to ensure stability of that sustainable online income. So, this year, I’ve refrained from registering new domains every time I get an idea for a revenue-generating website.

Controlled Diversity

I’ve created vocation centres. Where, new ideas can grow in a stable network. Then, if they evolve successfully, they can spawn new websites with redirected, established traffic. This was going well until my economic revival funded a long awaited holiday. My immediate response was to create a new travel website.

Now, there are good arguments for doing that. It was a brand new subject. I’ve never written about travel before. So, I set up a subdomain within my general vocation centre. But, I hadn’t thought it through.

I don’t yet have a step-by-step schedule for creating a new website in the network. So, it takes longer than it should. I ‘lost’ half a day on unproductive website installation. That’s a diversion, not diversity. If the vocation centre was already running successfully. If I’d already created working vocational websites within that centre. If, if, if. But, that wasn’t the case. So, my travel blog is now part of this website.

My new ‘rule’ is “only install new websites when there is economic justification”. And, that should be a rule for any new website, or website re-generation. When I open my KeČaTa Community to new clients, I must include economic justification as part of the planning process.

Diversion Ends

Diversion Ends photo

End Diversion. Control Diversity.

I hate to leave 2tg unfinished. But, if I get enough interest in my planned Travel Section of this blog, I can restart it.

I’ll start some travel notes here next.

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