Today, I’ll describe developments in improving my learning services. Before I do that, I’ll describe organisation changes that I didn’t get chance to log at the time.

Continuing Website Reorganisation

I’ve started the final phase of website reorganisation stemming from Strategic Review Spring 2016.

I moved Chimney Sweep Shipley under the umbrella, as announced at Announcing Chimney Care (archived). I should’ve archived the old address immediately prior to the move. Fortunately, it hasn’t changed recently. So, here’s Chimney Sweep Shipley on Mar 7 2016.

On a whim, as I started to log that development, I decided to add an automated summary of what I’ve been publishing. It’s under Stories in the “Internet Help Stories” Menu above – Keith Taylor Now. It’s a work in progress, as I will change it to show my last post from each website rather than my last 40 posts.

That should’ve been a few minutes work. But, it lost me a few hours as I struggled to get it working. Long story short: I’d blocked my own server in CloudFlare! I think that explains a problem I’d been having importing websites as I was reorganising websites. If so, I can crack on with that, and get all reorganisation completed this week.

I can’t wait to get that finished. I’ve finally worked out how to tie everything together. becomes an example branded learning site within KeČaTa. gets mothballed as a potential vocation website. The Food forum becomes a Shrewdies Learning Forum, to complement the Internet Forum. Controlled diversity at last.

Dreya Learned Her Place

Dreya soon learned her place. At my feet!

Developing Learning Streams

Yesterday, I planned the future for GoutPal Learning Streams in GoutPal Visitor Experience Optimization. So, today I set about:

Visitors should be encouraged to record:

  • Personal gout facts.
  • Personal views about GoutPal facts and explanations
  • Personal thoughts on Key Points from exercises and lessons

I realised the best approach was to set a model for developing learner engagement at Shrewdies. The starting point had to be explaining to visitors the choices they could make about their degree of involvement. I’ve just published the first step in that process: Introducing Learning Depth For Shrewdies (archived).

Next, is deeper explanation of each Learning Depth. But, visitors might just want to know what they can learn. Therefore, I think it best to do an overview of what subjects are available. This leads to examples of typical learners for different subjects at different depths of learning. But, there is also the huge issue of level of interest in the subject. It needs to be handled carefully, to avoid confusing new visitors.

Maybe, the best way is to assume that people have a great depth of interest, but they can learn the basics with Shrewdies, and cover the details elsewhere. E.g.:

  • A student can get an overview of a subject from Shrewdies, but study the detail at their college.
  • A gout sufferer can get an overview of correct gout treatment at GoutPal, but get a detailed treatment schedule from their doctor

Always start with the overview, then people can go to what interests them, or search for something else.

Once the structure is explained (Involvement, Subjects, Degree of Interest) visitors should always be able to go up and down each of those legs, or switch to a different leg.

Degree of Interest leg is interesting! It’s along the line of my Learner / Apprentice / Analyst grouping in For You. The importance of this is: learners need to be aware that many topics are in-depth parts of a bigger subject. If they haven’t mastered the overview of a subject, they won’t get value from the topic detail. Very important in this style of open learning where visitors arrive from searching. Very often the search question is wrong for the learner’s situation – but nobody can know that beforehand. The paradox of unstructured learning.

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