Here, as promised is the first of my daily updates about articles I’ve published today.


Strictly speaking, I published Croogling for Crucial Information a couple of days ago. But today I used it in anger for the first time. And I’m very pleased with the way it worked…

  • It performs Internet-wide searches just as I expected. Quietly ignoring websites I’ve rejected as too low a quality.
  • The search presentation is good enough for readers to see how important good results are.
  • It’s very easy to censor low quality results from individual pages, website sections, or entire domains.


Today, I was delighted to go Croogling for better information when I added to NUANT – my campaign to stop the poor use of “Normal Uric Acid” as a term. Because it encourages poor diagnosis and treatment. Which in turn brings completely unnecessary delays to gout recovery. So I hope Stop Unsafe Normal Uric Acid Search Now helps to raise awareness of the evils of misunderstood pseudo-medical terms.

Wondrous Me

Earlier, I spent a lot of time thinking about the purpose of Wondrous Me. So much time in fact that after announcing Wondrous Me 2020 here, I had little time left to implement my new plans. However, I’m happy with minor changes at the moment. Because I’ve ignored many of my sites for far too long.

Croogling Helps Normal Uric Acid Campaign

Tomorrow, I’ll continue to work through my list of websites. Because I’m establishing daily routines to keep them all active. It’s a great way for me to keep my mind off enforced isolation. Especially as I can now see a better future for my sites. Of course, it might be too late in some cases. But anything is better than my disastrous 2019.

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