Controlled Diversity At Last explains the continuing development of Foodary, and what happens next. This article is not aimed at anyone in particular. Just a log of progress and plans for me to keep my thoughts on the right path.

I last mentioned Foodary in Developing Learning Streams:

I’ve finally worked out how to tie everything together. becomes an example branded learning site within KeČaTa. gets mothballed as a potential vocation website. The Food forum becomes a Shrewdies Learning Forum, to complement the Internet Forum. Controlled diversity at last.

Things moved swiftly, and I’ve been so anxious to encourage diversity, I forgot about logging progress. So, I’ll summarize a couple of unfinished drafts, and add today’s improvements.

On June 5th, I completed importing Foodary into the KeČaTa network (archive). I included a new look using the Pingraphy WordPress Theme. It’s a completely different style from most themes I’ve worked with. So, I might need to tweak some features in future. It was particularly difficult getting the feedback area exactly how I wanted it. But, I’ll be experimenting as usual.

Back in January, I quickly added two Foodary spin-off projects into the KeČaTa network. It was a quick and dirty exercise, just to consolidate admin routines. I didn’t archive the pages back then. But, there is an early archive of EFSEP, which looked exactly the same as Alkascore.

I like the minimalist look. But, the WordPress Theme I chose, SimplifiedBlog, was dreadful when I started adding content this week. I could cope with it completely ignoring featured images. But, to ignore my Taxonomy Descriptions is a sin. I’ve decorated Alkascore with the Pingraphy theme, as you can see in Introducing Alkascore (archive). By the time you read this, Introducing EFSEP (archive) should be looking better.

Controlled or Uncontrolled Diversity?

Controlled or Uncontrolled Diversity?

Controlled Diversity At Last

What is particularly nice about my Foodary diversity, is that it is controlled.

My website health checks are all scheduled in a manageable way. I even have a method for prioritising websites. It controls the frequency of health checks, and the expectations for new content. I allow one site at priority #1, two sites at priority #2, etc. This gives me a platform for allowing client management that I can extend as I gain support staff. And, my organisation by Nooks lets me schedule content management better. I’ll continue to improve management routines. My main goal, for at least part of my network, is to make management an open platform. Scary, but very important to me.

I just realised that this blog is a first step to that. No input from anybody regarding managing tasks. But, I’m getting used to planning my strategies in public (except for some Kepithany projects you haven’t seen).

There was a temporary hiccup in my controlled diversity when I heard it was World Blood Donor Day today. My uncontrolled “opposite of diversity” moment led to Give Blood – Save Life – Stop Gout (archive).

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