This page is about Contacting Keith Taylor. Importantly, it tells you, I prefer public messages in forums over email. Also, it explains how to send private messages.

Keith Taylor Forums

My forums are: I prefer to communicate in my forums. I also have comment boxes or feedback forms on many of my pages.

Keith Taylor Helpdesk

If you cannot use my forums, send me messages via my Helpdesk. Please note that I give lowest priority to processing Helpdesk requests. Because I prefer you to contact me in one of my forums.

Why public messages are better

After reading all this, you might be asking: “Why doesn’t Keith just use an email address like everyone else?” Your answer is in the question – I’m not like everyone else. I spend my time helping people on the Internet. I help thousands of people every day. I reach out to millions of people every month. That generates a lot of messages in return. So I do not have the time to respond to them all individually. Note that I don’t charge for my help services. So, I cannot pay a secretary to deal with private messages. If you can suggest a better way for me to deal with private messages, please tell me in one of my forums. By the way, I do actually use email. But I’ve configured my Gmail account to act like a Helpdesk. Because it is better and faster than every commercial helpdesk system that I have tried so far.
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How do you want to contact Keith Taylor?

Written correspondence

My mail address is: Keith Taylor 25 Hollin Croft Owlet Road SHIPLEY BD18 2PX United Kingdom Leave Contact Keith Taylor to read more About Keith Taylor’s Internet Help Stories.

Posted by Keith Taylor

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