This page is about Contacting Keith Taylor. Importantly, it tells you, I prefer public messages in forums over email. Also, it explains how to send private messages.

Keith Taylor Forums

My forums are:

I prefer to communicate in my forums. I also have comment boxes or feedback forms on many of my pages.

Keith Taylor Helpdesk Contact Form

If you cannot use my forums, send me messages via my Helpdesk, rather than email. On some pages, instead of using that link, you can click the orange Help button.

Contact Keith Taylor screenshot

Click for the other way to contact Keith Taylor.

Items marked * are compulsory.

* 1. Your email address 
If you want me to respond to you, you have to put a valid email address in this box. Your email must allow messages from I cannot reply to you without this. More details about Freshdesk below.
* 2. Short Interesting Summary Sentence
Also known as the Subject line. When I look down my list of 30 messages, this is the first thing I see. If it’s boring, I’ll skip to the next page of 30 messages. Make your subject line a short summary of your message in a short sentence. 7 words or less is good. Single words are rarely interesting. Interest is more important than manners in the subject line.
* 3. Your message 
Are you are asking me a question? Please make sure you provide enough information about yourself. Have you already tried to find an answer? Please tell me what you have tried, and why it didn’t work for you.
4. Attach a file
This is very useful for sending me pictures. If you send files regularly, I can give you access to my Media Libraries, instead of using this form.
5. Take Screenshot
This is useful if you are stuck, using one of my pages. The Screenshot helps me see exactly what you are seeing. Please note, this button does not appear on the normal helpdesk form. Because it only applies to the pop-up form from the orange button.
* 6. Why not use the forum? 
Eventually, I will replace this with a list of common reasons for you to choose from. For now, please give me a short reason why you are using this form. As I keep saying, I prefer public messages in the forum. When I know why some messages must be private, I can make it much easier for you to send them.
At the moment, the most common reason appears to be that the topic is about how the website operates rather than a personal question asking for help. But it is right to ask questions about the website in the forum.
* 7. Send Feedback (Submit)
As soon as you click this button, your message is sent to me. The form will be replaced with a message telling you your form has been sent. It also notifies you that an automated email has been sent to the address you gave. If you do not receive that message, I cannot respond to you. Either you mistyped your email address, used a fake address, or your email system is blocking I can help you with anything else. But if you do not get my automated confirmation, I cannot communicate with you.

If you do get my message, please read it carefully. Follow any suggestions included in the message. Check the link to your message status.

Keith Taylor’s Freshdesk Helpdesk

Freshdesk has invested heavily in state-of-the-art communications. They allow you to send me messages at any time. Even if my networks are down, Freshdesk keeps the communication lines open. I know this is also true of email. But, Freshdesk gives many more options for processing and tracking messages. It’s nearly the best option for serious communications. My forums are better.

Why public messages are better

After reading all this, you might be asking: “Why doesn’t Keith just use an email address like everyone else?”

Your answer is in the question – I’m not like everyone else. I spend my time helping people on the Internet. I help thousands of people every day. I reach out to millions of people every month. That generates a lot of messages in return. I simply do not have the time to respond to them all individually. I don’t charge for my help services. So, I cannot pay a secretary to deal with private messages. If you can suggest a better way for me to deal with private messages, please tell me in one of my forums.

Written correspondence

My mail address is:

Keith Taylor
25 Hollin Croft
Owlet Road
BD18 2PX
United Kingdom