Authoring content for websites often changes as the site matures. Initially, there’s a stack of ideas to write about and a lot to learn. Later, we need to maintain research to cover new developments. But as well as keeping up with the news, authors need to prune outdated articles. Or refresh them to cater for changing publisher house styles. Oldest Website Content

I started the day refreshing the content on my oldest website. It’s had over 15 years in various guises. Though most successfully on the WordPress platform.

Many years ago, Google had an algorithm change. It was known as the ‘Woolly Mammoth’ update. That penalised websites that became outdated. As usual, there were no specific guidelines available about what to change. But common sense (and good quality control) dictate regular article content review. Now this Google change had nothing to do with WordPress specifically. But my WordPress knowledge allowed me to put a simple content review system in place.

I find this very effective. So I’ll include it in my website quality audit service. But for now I’m using it to refresh content on my older sites such as GoutPal. Newest Website Content

EFSEP is one of the three food websites where I am sole author. So it sprang from an idea I stumbled on as I was researching articles for But despite seeming like a good idea at the time. I struggled to gain any momentum with it. However, now that my Food Websites Reorganisation is taking shape, I’m more confident I can publish a steady stream of eating and lifestyle articles. Including meals, recipes, and menus.

To start, I’m establishing some articles about the principles that drive EFSEP. Continuing with today’s Eat Food Especially Plants. Then my next step is 9 recipes over 3 days. Though I must not forget the admin pages that should add credibility to me as an eating author.

Caring for Young and Old Sites

Between the old and the new, life got in the way. So my single day of website article publishing became three days. But it isn’t a race.

For both young and old sites, the sooner your favourite search engines see your new content the better. So I close off each (re)publish by submitting the URL and updating my audit log.

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