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I changed some basic settings, installed bbPress for Shrewdies Learning Forum, and published Find answers for Shrewdies, not for Dummies (original archive).

I really enjoyed that, as I developed a great framework for what will now be known as exercises.

I must remember to add the bbPress theme changes for post and reply forms.

I decided to keep the theme for now, rather than styling new icons as I did for yesterday. I think I prefer the Simon icons, and I really hate replacing his work with something far inferior. xue learn iconI think I will revert to Simon’s button. At some time in future, maybe a good graphic artist can restyle Shrewdies icons, logos and badges.

Exercise Format For All

The exercise format is exciting, as I can apply it across all learning sites, including An exercise is one to three facts that relate to create a small lesson. A Lessonette? [Aside: Google tells me that American Association of Law Libraries are claiming trademark on Lessonette. Who am I to argue? Google also reveals that it’s been used by others in the same context I used.]

I plan to make PROSPRA style lessons for key topics. Lesson and Exercise are key components of Shrewdies approach to online learning. It’s probably best to stick with those obvious concepts rather than confuse the learning process with unfamiliar terms. At all costs, avoid Shrewdson (Shrewdies Lesson) and Shrewdsonette!

Anyway, writing Find answers for Shrewdies, not for Dummies caused me to develop some key exercise components. I used temporary styling for these, pending proper CSS styling. Perhaps that’s where I use Shrewdsonette – in CSS where normal people won’t see it!

Exercise Topic

I apologise for the awkward format. I’m trying to identify the CSS tags I will use to provide exercise styling. My temporary use of common existing HTML tags emphasizes why I need to style the classes ASAP.

Title = Exercise Topic
|topic-class|Exercise Topic|/topic-class| is aimed at |audience-group-class|target readers|/audience-group-class|. It will tell you facts about topics and how to exercise them.

One important fact about Shrewdies Exercises is consistent |key-point-class|Layout|/key-point-class|.

Then more facts if related, but never more than three key points. |question-class|Why are three key points important?|/question-class| Because any more will overwhelm the audience. This is step by step stuff, not a university course.

You must always |key-point-class|Reinforce|/key-point-class| learning. The |key-point-class|Layout|/key-point-class| promotes reinforcement by:

  1. Introduce what you will learn about the topic.
  2. Explain the facts about the topic.
  3. Summarise what you learned about the topic.

|key-point-class|Repetition|/key-point-class| of the topic helps learning, but do not repeat the exact topic name to the point of boredom. Variations of exercising topics works better. Maybe include a reference to a related article that covers a variation of this topic.

Exercise Topic Summary

Now, you know:
Layout and reinforcement are vital to |topic-class|Exercise Topic|/topic-class|

Key points are:

  • |key-point-class|Layout|/key-point-class|
  • |key-point-class|Reinforce|/key-point-class|
  • |key-point-class|Repetition|/key-point-class|

Optionally finish with a single sentence that helps remember the key points (or a mnemonic)

Layout and Repetition will Reinforce learning.


Target Reader Notes

Target readers should be explained in one or more pages. It helps returning visitors to focus on relevant pages. It helps new visitors understand progression is important, so don’t get overwhelmed.

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