Keith Taylor’s Internet Help Stories is my personal blog and an introduction to my websites.

As a personal blog, this site is not an ongoing priority for me. So I blog sporadically about whatever feels important to me at the time. Which is mainly holidays, or some random idea that I like to publish so I don’t lose it.

Importantly, this website is a focus on how I administer my websites. Because it is important for me to convey that my websites are a part of my life and not a separate job. So I hope that is clear from this page and the links below.

About Keith Taylor

I have not published a formal CV since I ditched corporate employment. But I might produce something here if time allows. Anyway, my early version of a replacement for a short bio came from the title of this website. So I created an Internet page describing my online presence. Then, a Help page describing my online help and support services. Finally, I linked Stories to the standard WordPress blog list.

Subsequently, I’ve created this slightly more formal overview of my Internet Help Stories website.

About Keith Taylor’s Internet Help Stories

My mission statement is:

I help people enjoy life more. Also, I share my skills with people who want to help others.

Which is the short form of my purpose from the first page of my formal summary:

Purpose of Keith Taylor
My Life Purpose is to help you. Also, show you how to help others. What’s your problem? Let me help you solve it.
Contact Keith Taylor
Contact me about gout, nutrition, WordPress, or online business management. Or ask me to show you how to start problem-solving for yourself. Ask Keith Anything.
Keith Taylor Privacy Policy
How much personal information have you shared with me? Only as much as you want. See why your privacy is important to me.
Keith Taylor Terms & Conditions
Why do I need terms and conditions when all my help is free? Because you are spending time, my friend. See how to spend time getting help shrewdly.
Keith Taylor’s Notifications
My Internet Help Stories are sporadic. Because I spend time helping others, not writing about it. But you do not want to miss the occasional gem. So subscribe to my free notifications today.
Keith Taylor's Internet Help Stories

Keith Taylor’s Internet Help Stories

More About Keith Taylor

Keith Taylor Now
Stories from all Keith Taylor’s websites. This combined list of everything I publish includes all my facts and lessons. But I’ve omitted forum discussions for now. Should I include all forums or just my own stories? Vote now for combined or separate story lists.

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