Yes, just 4 sleeps before I set off on my trip to the South of the United States.

I’ve set up my phone to show the weather in each of the 7 cities I’m visiting. It’s been interesting to see.

American City Climates

On recent days, I’ve been seeing a 2 degree increase in temperatures as we’ve moved South-East. Then, a sharp drop after our flight to Washington DC. But, the starting temperatures in Raleigh NC have always been much higher than my hometown.

I got a shock today:

South East States Weather Dec screenshot

South East States Weather December

Raleigh is similar to home. The increase in temperatures is less pronounced. And, Washington is colder than home. But, there is time for that to change. So, hopefully, I’ll be enjoying some of the highs in the twenties that I’ve seen recently. I suspect I might have to switch to Fahrenheit, if I’m to fit in.

It’s a short post today. Lots to do in 3 remaining days.

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